Cheryl Cole admits she has made mistakes “That’s part of being a human being”

Cheryl Cole recently admitted that she had made some bad choices but said she was only human.

The former Girls Aloud singer is rumoured to have been asked to make a return to The X Factor judging panel.

Cheryl Cole admits she has made mistakes  “That’s part of being a human being"

She told S Mag: “I make bad choices and also I sometimes look terrible, just like anyone.”

Cheryl added: “That’s part of being a human being.

“Yes, I sing and dance, and I’m a pop star, and I’ve got this amazing job, but at the same time I’m just a girl…

“Well, a woman.”

She concluded: “Hopefully people can see I make mistakes.”

Meanwhile, Katy Perry is apparently backing Cheryl to rejoin The X Factor.

Speaking to Yahoo: “Of course I want to see Cheryl back on The X Factor – who doesn’t right? Simon don’t be mean – just pay her what it takes – The British Public want her back on their TV!”

Katy added: “Cheryl is absolutely adorable – and if I perform on the UK X Factor next season and Cheryl isn’t one of the judges – then Simon you are going to have me to answer to.”

Cheryl had a girly night out with Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts at London’s The Box last Saturday.

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