Harry Hill plans to hide from Cheryl Cole at X Factor musical

Comedian Harry Hill has admitted he plans to “duck out of the way” when Cheryl Cole comes to see the premiere of his X Factor musical.

Harry wrote I Can’t Sing! – a comedy based on the hit TV talent show that opens in London’s West End next week – and admits that he hopes Cheryl sees the funny side.

Harry Hill plans to hide from Cheryl Cole at X Factor musical | MarkMeets West end theatre musical News |
The stage show features ex-EastEnders star Nigel Harman as Cowell and Victoria Elliot as ‘Jordy’ – a sex-mad pop diva who tries to seduce contestants and is even seen making out with a statue of Cheryl’s ex-husband Ashley Cole.

When asked by the Daily Mirror if he feared getting slapped by Cheryl for his ruthless parody of her, Harry laughed it off.

“It’s easy to see someone coming across a room and duck out of the way,” he told the newspaper.

“Besides, the split with Ashley was a long while ago and I’d hate to think someone was crying themselves to sleep at night.

He went on to add: “It would be easy to make nasty gags about that relationship but I don’t think we do that. It’s silly rather than nasty. Tongue in cheek.

“You just have to trust your motives and my motive isn’t to upset Cheryl, it’s just to have a laugh at her expense.”

Both Simon and Louis Walsh – who is also sent up in the musical – are said to have loved the show when they saw it at previews earlier this month, so Harry is keeping his fingers crossed that Cheryl feels the same.

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