How Much Money Does Actress Olivia Wilde Make

You don’t have to worry about her cash flow, darling. Olivia Wilde has a noteworthy acting career and has even expanded her talents to directing. You’ve seen her in blockbuster movies and heard her voice in popular animated shows, so how much is the star worth? Keep reading to find out Olivia’s net worth!

What is Olivia Wilde’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, the Booksmart director has a net worth of $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How Does Olivia Wilde Make Her Money?

Before making it on the big screen, the Washington D.C. native made her acting debut in the Fox series Skins in 2003. While she appeared in just a few episodes, Olivia stayed booked and busy in the following years and appeared in memorable shows like The O.C. and the 2006 film Alpha Dog

She played Remy Hadley and starred in a whopping 81 episodes. “It was just such a blast to be in that group of people that were going to possibly be the new doctors, possibly not. We had such a fantastic time. It was really one of the highlights of my career,” she said in a January 2009 interview with Brian Ford Sullivan.

Olivia gained great recognition for her directorial work in the coming-of-age film Booksmart, which landed her many award nominations and grabs. The film received an Independent Spirit award for Best First Feature and Olivia won the Dorian Award for Artist of the Year and Film of the Year. 

The Life Itself star directed the upcoming and highly anticipated psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling, which stars Florence Pugh and Olivia’s boyfriend and One Direction alum Harry Styles.  

Does Olivia Wilde Give Back With Philanthropic Work?

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone star is known for her outpouring support to special causes, like PETA and Save the Children, a cause that deemed her their artist ambassador in 2015.

I felt very connected to the international mothering community throughout my own pregnancy and the birth of my son,” she said I realized I had won the lottery, so to speak, and how lucky we are to not be terrified of our child dying at birth or dying within the first three months of life.”

“Every time I could take my son to the pediatrician it became clear to me that I was the luckiest person on earth and I wanted to take that good fortune and continue to be active in that arena,” the Vinyl star added. 

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