Jessie J has vowed to ”share” her love life

Jessie J has vowed to ”share” her love life after going public with her new romance.

Jessie J has vowed to ''share'' her love life | MarkMeets Showbiz News |
Jessie J has vowed to ”share” her love life after going public with her new romance.

The ‘Bang Bang’ hitmaker is blissfully happy with US singer-songwriter Luke James and after previously trying to keep her personal life under wraps, she has now accepted being in the public eye makes that impossible.

When asked if it was true that she had a new man in her life, she replied: ”I have. His name is Luke James he’s an artist from New Orleans … yeah he’s amazing.

”He’s a singer. Singer-songwriter … He’s incredible. I’m really happy.

”I’ve been quite private in the past about my love life and I realised that I can’t experience it like everyone else if I hide it. I’m famous and I’m famous. It’s never gonna stop. So I’m happy that I’m able to share my life.”

Given how busy the ‘Burnin’ Up’ star is these days, Jessie did admit that she has to make time in her schedule for her new beau.

The 27-year-old singer said: ”Teamwork makes the dream work. When ever I have time off and it’s early days but I think as you get older you experience different kinds of love through your life. And I’ve got to the point where I just want to celebrate someone that I’ve found.”

Jessie had already shared a snap of her 30-year-old boyfriend on Instagram earlier this week.

As part of the social networking site’s ‘Man Crush Monday’ the pop star posted a photograph of the pair in New Orleans with the caption: ”My first ever official #mcm My man. My crush. My Monday morning. So it’s only right. (sic)”

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