Katy Perry’s hotel demands revealed!

Katy Perry now demands a director’s chair be placed in her room before she will check into a hotel.

The pop star’s penchant for a movie mogul’s seat is just one of a list of items she has one of her aides give to hotel staff before she will stay at any hotel in the world.

Katy Perry's hotel demands revealed!
Katy also requires a selection of snacks with a bowl of ranch dressing, at least six different sodas and beverages, a coffee maker and a full-length mirror for her stays.

“People treat you very differently when you are famous and with Katy being a powerful millionaire she certainly has increased expectations when she visits places”: Mark Boardman said.

Katy’s boyfriend John Mayer also makes a series of specific requests. Among his must-have items are a bottle of fine whiskey, bottles of water, various sodas and a platter of fresh fruit.

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The couple’s demands also allegedly extend to their riders for concerts, TV appearances and radio promos.

A said: ”John and Katy get VIP treatment wherever they go. It’s usually all the same items for TV shows, backstage at concerts and hotels.”

Katy and John have recently been promoting their duet, ‘Who You Love’, together and are believed to have spent the Christmas holidays with one another.

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