Louis Walsh confirms launch all-new Irish boyband in the new year

Louis Walsh has confirmed that he will be letting a new Irish boyband loose on the world of pop music in 2014.

Louis was behind the stellar careers of both Westlife and Boyzone and auditioned for young lads to join his new group in between filming The X Factor this year.

Louis Walsh confirms launch all-new Irish boyband in the new year

Now – having announced that the tenth series of the TV talent show was to be his last – the pop impresario insists he is all set to get his teeth back into music management.

The Daily Mirror quoted Walsh as saying: “I’m doing a brand new boy band that will be ready to go next year. They’re going to rehearse for the month of January, see the record companies in February and take it from there.

“No familiar faces, all new kids that have never been on a talent show or anything. I auditioned a thousand!”

The 61-year-old added that he was looking forward to getting back to work – though he intends to take a well-deserved holiday first.

“In 2014 all I want is to be happy and well. I just love to work in this business,” he told the newspaper.

“I’ll go to Miami for the whole month of January. I go there three months of the year. I have an apartment and I just love it, it’s the best place in the world.”

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