Lady Gaga reveals ‘My life is just like everyone else’s’

Singer, songwriter and performer Lady Gaga has opened up about how she spends her time outside of her career and confessed that she lives in a very down-to-earth way that centres around her family and new pet dog, Asia.

Lady Gaga reveals 'My life is just like everyone else's' | MarkMeets Showbiz News |
During a new interview with Extra, the ‘Poker Face’ pop icon explained that outside of her superstar status she is a very normal person and enjoys doing the same things as everyone else:

“I do all sorts of normal things, probably the same as everyone. I go see my family. I go to my dad’s restaurant in New York. I have a new puppy (named Asia). I play with her. I always feed her. I sleep with her every night. I take her out to go to the potty, It’s really sweet because she’s like my little friend.”

When asked if she might move on from puppies to babies any time soon, Gaga admitted that starting a family is definitely a possibility although it’s not something she would map out and plan for herself in a regimented way:

“In 5 years I could be. Who’s to say, really? I don’t have my life planned out in that way. I’m actually more than ever to really truly live in the moment and just enjoy this time right now.”

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