Leona Lewis talks One Direction’s fame

Leona Lewis has sympathy for One Direction, saying it must be hard to live with their level of fame.

The X Factor star said she would find it hard to deal with fans like theirs.

Leona Lewis says One Direction’s fame must be terrible | MarkMeets News |
She told Digital Spy: “I’ve been quite lucky in that sense.

“I’ve never had anyone hide in a bedroom [or had] someone get into my hotel room.

“What One Direction have, that’s just terrible. Oh my God, those boys.

“Boybands, phew, that’s a whole other level [of fandom]. I’m good.”

Leona is about to appear in her first major acting role in the musical Walking on Sunshine.

The singer said she was preparing herself for a potential backlash, saying: “People always want to get the claws out straight away, but I feel like this film… was so natural for me.

“It’s a musical – they want someone who can sing to be in it.”

Set in the sun-soaked Italian region of Puglia, Walking On Sunshine sees chart favourite Leona Lewis make her big screen debut as Eleanor, the best friend of love-struck Taylor (Hannah Arterton). “They went on holiday together and both fell in love with two guys,” Leona explains, “but Taylor went back to study and do the right thing, and Eleanor followed her heart and stayed.”

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