Big Brother housemates complete impersonation task

The Big Brother 2014 housemates last night took on a special impersonation task.

Big Brother decided to put Ashleigh, Winston and Chris’ acting skills to the test. They were called to the Diary Room and be told that Big Brother would like to play a game.

Big Brother housemates complete impersonation task | MarkMeets Reality TV News |

They had to individually do a Diary Room chat in the style of of another housemate (with names picked out of a box), and Big Brother will guess who they are impersonating.

The rest of the Housemates were called to the Sofa Area, where they watched a live feed of the Diary Room, unbeknownst to Winston, Chris and Ashleigh. While they were watching they had to come to a unanimous decision and guess which Housemate they are impersonating.

Winston successfully impersonated Kimberly, Matthew, Toya.

Ashleigh successfully impersonated Ash, Helen and Marlon.

Chris successfully impersonated Danielle, Winston and Mark.

TV Trailer for MarkMeets.

The Housemates successfully guessed everyone Winston, Chris and Ashleigh were impersonating, winning the entire house a treat.

The task will air on tonight’s latest highlights show on Chanel 5.

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