Let’s revisit all of Ed Sheeran’s TV and movie cameos

From a Aussie soap to a world without the Beatles and even to a galaxy far, far away, the singer was popped up all over in movies and on TV.

Ed Sheeran has been popping up everywhere these days — and we don’t just mean performing on stages around the globe. From his Game of Thrones campfire cameo and some incognito appearances in Star Wars to Saturday Night Live and his upcoming role in Red Notice, here’s a look at all the singer’s onscreen appearances.

Red Notice
While we won’t get to see just what Sheeran is up to in the Netflix action comedy starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gador and Ryan Reynolds and until its premiere Nov. 12, Sheeran did confirm he will appear in the film during a recent visit to the Jonathan Ross Show.

Modern Love
In the seventh episode of season 1 of the Amazon Prime Video anthology series based on the popular New York Times column of the same name, Sheeran acts opposite Andrew Scott, Olivia Cooke, and Brandon Kyle Goodman as a drifter named Mick.

Star Wars

The singer-songwriter appeared in the most recent Star Wars trilogy as a costumed, nameless stormtrooper — an honor that was also bestowed upon Daniel Craig and Lin-Manuel Miranda and by director J.J. Abrams. What sets him apart from the others, though, is he did it twice: once in The Force Awakens and again in .The Rise Of Skywalker.

In his most significant onscreen role yet, Sheeran appears as himself, but in an alternate reality that the film depicts in which the Beatles never existed. Maybe that is why he allowed himself to utter such blasphemy as the suggestion that “Hey Jude” would be better off titled “Hey Dude.”

The Simpsons
In 2018, Sheeran headed to Springfield to be Simpsonized for his cartoon debut on the Fox comedy. In the episode “Haw-Haw Land” from the show’s 29th season, the singer plays a musician named Brendan who quickly sets Lisa’s heart aflutter.

Game of thrones

Sheeran delighted fans and Maisie Williams when he rocked up by a campfire in the season 7 premiere of Game of thrones. The musician played a Lannister soldier whose singing caught Arya Stark’s attention as she passed by. Turns out the show’s EPs had been trying to cast Sheeran for seasons, knowing Williams’ love for the singer. He even got to hum a few bars.

Bridget Jones’s Baby
When Bridget Jones made her much-anticipated return to the big screen in 2016, Sheeran turned up as well. In Bridget Jones’s Baby, the singer appeared backstage at a music festival and was overlooked by Bridget, who couldn’t place where she’d seen him before and assumed he worked at her local Starbucks.

The Bastard Executioner

In 2015, the singer was cast in the recurring role of Sir Cormac in the FX medieval drama The Bastard Executioner. Sheeran was drawn to the role because it was something nobody would expect of him; his character supported murdering a child to get information.

Home and Away
Also in 2015, Sheeran recorded scenes for Australian soap Home and Away. This time he played a version of himself (Teddy) who shows up to visit an aunt who has no idea of her nephew’s global success — that is until everyone in the vicinity flocks to him for an autograph. (Apparently, the selfie craze hadn’t reached Oz by then.)

Sheeran headed stateside for a cameo on NBC sitcom Undateable in May 2015. In the live episode, he performed his hit “Thinking Out Loud” while the cast looked on in awe before he was told to unplug his “tiny guitar” and not “to quit his day job.”

Top Gear

Sheeran stopped by the BBC series Top Gear studio in 2015 as well — after all, where else does a celebrity learn how to drive? This was his first behind-the-wheel experience on tv .

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