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Suicide Squad 3 Needs To Reverse James Gunn’s Task Force X Trick

Movie news: Suicide Squad 3 should better establish its characters and avoid repeating James Gunn’s Task Force X trick with The Suicide Squad’s beach massacre.

The success of Task Force X’s latest outing means Suicide Squad 3 is a high probability, but the film must reverse James Gunn’s trick and keep characters alive for longer. Released to positive reviews, The Suicide Squad provided a considerably bloodier mission than David Ayer’s decidedly tame 2016 version.

Although The Suicide Squad is essentially a stand-alone film, several characters from the original return to connect the franchise.

The Suicide Squad 2 – which, technically, would be Suicide Squad 3 – could well happen after James Gunn’s DC debut has proven a big hit with fans and critics alike.

Now in Gunn’s sequel, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) once again lead Task Force X, reuniting with Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). They are joined by a new band of strange but deadly criminals, ordered to infiltrate a secret laboratory in war-torn Corto Maltese and destroy evidence of the Project Starfish experiment. Gunn isn’t afraid to kill off numerous team members, somewhat limiting the potential for which characters could appear in Suicide Squad 3.

Unlike most comic book movies, The Suicide Squad doesn’t directly set up another movie and instead uses its post-credits scene to tease the upcoming Peacemaker series, which will see John Cena reprise his role as the patriotic killer.
In fact, the movie seems to actively rule out the possibility that these characters will return in a sequel that would see them take on another deadly mission.

The finale sees the surviving squad members defeat Starro with the help of some heroic rats, and then Bloodsport (Idris Elba) uses the evidence of the US government’s involvement in Project Starfish to blackmail Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

He gets Waller to agree to leave them all alone and if she doesn’t, the evidence will be released to the world. So it seems unlikely that Bloodsport and co would agree to go on another mission unless Waller can come up with some devious workaround (we wouldn’t put it past her, to be honest).

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The Suicide Squad opens with a beach massacre, obliterating most of an alternate, more expendable team that Waller uses to provide a distraction for her main squad. Admittedly, this does deliver on the high body count that was lacking in 2016’s Suicide Squad, but Gunn’s shock tactic can only work once. The director has expressed interest in helming Suicide Squad 3, but the potential sequel should spend more time establishing its characters to generate emotional investment before killing them.

Brutally killing a host of new characters provides a grisly, action-packed set-piece but repeating this tactic in Suicide Squad 3 would remove any element of surprise. Swift and shocking deaths for The Suicide Squad characters such as Savant (Michael Rooker) and Javelin (Flula Borg) immediately grabs attention, but also removes the opportunity to get to know any of these bizarre people, thereby greatly diminishing any emotional impact. It doesn’t convey that nobody is safe because most of the obscure characters were already expected to perish early on. The Suicide Squad’s sudden deaths work best to differentiate itself from the 2016 version, wherein only two members of Task Force X died. Therefore, James Gunn rectifies that situation in his sequel but, in doing so, undermines the characters. Boomerang’s (Jai Courtney) unceremonious death is one of the film’s most controversial. He was one of the better parts of Ayer’s film but is denied any chance to develop in The Suicide Squad. His death only partially resonates because he was a previously established character.

The danger of killing characters for shock value is signified by The Suicide Squad’s blatant disregard for Boomerang. If Suicide Squad 3 doesn’t reverse Gunn’s approach and keep its characters alive for longer, it will be difficult to become invested in Task Force X, especially if it’s easy to predict who won’t survive. DC is now embracing its weirder heroes and villains with the acclaimed Doom Patrol and upcoming Peacemaker spinoff, proving there is a place for lesser-known and ridiculous characters to shine. 2016’s Suicide Squad was criticized for not taking full advantage of its premise.

yer’s Task Force X also didn’t interact with each other enough in the theatrical version, but his decision to spare most of the squad’s lives, including Diablo (Jay Hernandez) in his director’s cut, arguably subverted expectations. It reinforced his narrative of society’s rejects, perceived as being worthless, banding together to prove they have value. Gunn doesn’t give his outcasts a chance.

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad ends the David Ayer era, but the franchise shouldn’t entirely ignore its predecessor’s attitude. Suicide Squad 3 must spend more time fleshing out Task Force X’s various personalities for viewers to care about their fates. Immediately slaughtering characters conveys the opposite message. The potential sequel should combine Gunn’s morbid, violent sensibilities with the twisted family dynamic Ayer envisioned.

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