Liam Payne regrets drunken Twitter posts

One Direction star Liam Payne admits his drunken Twitter rants are ”not good”.

The 20-year-old pop star sometimes can’t resist going on the social networking website when he’s intoxicated and accepts on occasions his comments cause him regret.

Liam Payne regrets drunken Twitter posts | MarkMeets News |
Talking to Radio 1, Liam said: ”I have a few drunken rants sometimes on Twitter … Yeah they are quite deep, sometimes I go in hard, it’s not good. Then I wake the next morning and it’s like – ahhh, old news.”

His bandmate Louis Tomlinson, 22, is also guilty of tweeting whilst drunk, admitting: ”I’ve been told to take many [tweets] down, yeah yeah.”

One Direction – which also includes Zayn Malik, 21, Harry Styles, 20, and Niall Horan, 20 – were previously involved in a spat with now defunct boy band The Wanted which went online and the boys accept they enjoy a Twitter row.

Quizzed on what posts they take down, Louis said: ”Whenever we’ve got in to the occasional Twitter row, which – back in the day – we used to love.”

Liam chimed in: ”They are quite enjoyable, a Twitter row.”

The group has a love/hate relationship with social network sites – which helped propel them to global stardom – because it can be difficult to brush off harsh criticism but at the same time they’re glad they can connect with fans through the medium.

Liam added: ”Sometimes they can be horrible places, with the wrong people on there. You tend to notice the bad things on there, but that’s the thing, you have to waiver those out and notice the good things. How can we have a hate relationship with social media when it’s made us in to this little monster?”

Meanwhile MARKMEETS.COM can reveal that Louis Tomlinson’s dad has slammed his reported drug use and called his antics ”childish”, after a video showing him supposedly smoking a joint with band mate Zayn Malik surfaced online

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