Little Mix’s Perrie admits she didn’t like fiancé Zayn Malik at first

Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards has confessed that her celebrity romance with Zayn Malik very nearly didn’t happen – because she didn’t like the One Direction star when they first met.

Little Mix's Perrie admits she didn't like fiancé Zayn Malik at first | MarkMeets News |
Perrie first encountered her future fiancé while competing on The X Factor in 2011 when One Direction returned to the show to perform, and the Wings hitmaker admits she found Zayn to be “cocky”.

UnrealityTV quoted Edwards as saying: “I didn’t really like Zayn when I first met him, because I didn’t know him and he seems a bit cocky and a bit full of himself.”

Though she didn’t say exactly how long it took the 1D hunk to change her opinion of him, Perrie admits he soon won her over with his charms.

“Then I realised that he’s the most sweetest, most amazing person in the world,” she added.

“So you just need to get to know someone really.”

The 20-year-old blonde revealed that Zayn “pursued” her by text message over the following weeks.

Perrie continued: “I think we texted every day after we met anyway and then it just happened. But he pursued me.”

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