Simon Cowell might be moving next to Justin Bieber

X Factor boss Simon Cowell might be moving next to Justin Bieber.

The entertainment supremo is said to be “hugely excited” by the £5.4million mansion in Los Angeles.

Simon Cowell might be moving next to Justin Bieber | MarkMeets showbiz News |

The luxury property has six-bedrooms, seven-bathrooms and features a huge cinema-style viewing room and an oak-panelled office.

However, one of the problems with the new pad would be possible anti-social behaviour from the estate’s most notorious neighbour.

A homeowner at the gated estate told the Daily Star : “You have to wonder whether Simon’s people are even aware that Bieber lives in this neighbourhood.

“If he does move here with his family, he should know that the kid is a non-stop menace when he’s in residence, throwing all-night parties with his pals and generally wreaking havoc.”

Another resident said: “Simon and his family would be very welcome here.

“Justin Bieber, on the other hand, is about as welcome as the plague.”

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