Liam Neeson: talks about his ‘Non-Stop’ movie

Liam Neeson says Non-Stop plays on people’s fears of flying, but it shouldn’t be talked about in conjunction with 9/11.

Liam Neeson says Non-Stop shouldn’t be compared to 9/11.

Liam Neeson: talks about his 'Non-Stop' movie | MarkMeets film News |
The veteran action star is currently gracing cinema screens as Bill Marks in the thriller, a film about an air marshal who must unmask a mystery criminal on board a flight, who’s threatening to endanger the lives of all the passengers.

Liam concedes that although air transport has changed since the tragedy of 9/11, the film shouldn’t draw any comparisons with that fateful day.

“It’s just we all know the nightmares of airports nowadays. It’s playing on those fears, but it’s an entertainment, you know? A lot of the journalists in Europe, quite a few actually, were asking about September 11th and it’s like, ‘Oh, please,'” Liam said.

“That being said, I don’t think the film could have been made a few years ago, of course. It would have been totally insensitive, but it’s a backdrop to a thriller. That’s what it is.”

As one of the biggest names in Hollywood, 61-year-old Liam flies all over the world for film roles and awards ceremonies.

But the Irish-born actor says he didn’t take his first flight until he was a young adult, and the experience wasn’t a pleasant one for him.

“My first flight, I was a late developer in every department, but I went on an airplane at the age of 21, I believe, a flight to Amsterdam from Belfast. Ciarán Hinds, he’s my oldest friend, we were going to a theatre course in a place called Enschede, 30 miles south of Amsterdam.

“It was terrifying, flying. It was a hop and a skip, that’s all it was, but that was my first time. I was very, very scared. Very nervous, I should say,” he recalled.

Non-Stop is in UK cinemas now.

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