Taylor Swift says performing live is her ‘coping mechanism’

Taylor Swift, the renowned singer-songwriter, recently opened up about the role of live performances in her life. She described performing as her coping mechanism since the age of 12 and expressed the desire to maintain a deep connection with her devoted fans, also known as Swifties. Taylor’s personal lyrics resonate with her audience, and their emotional reactions at her shows validate her feelings and experiences.

Music as Taylor Swift’s Coping Mechanism

During one of her six Los Angeles shows on ‘The Eras Tour,’ Taylor Swift shared her journey of using live performances as a coping mechanism throughout her life. Whenever she goes through emotional experiences, she channels those feelings into songwriting. Taylor then shares these songs with her fans, seeking validation and understanding from them. The emotional connection she experiences during her performances is what helps her navigate life’s challenges. However, due to the global pandemic and the inability to tour for five years, this essential outlet was temporarily taken away.

Making Music to Stay Connected with Fans

For Taylor Swift, the connection she has with her fans is of utmost importance. Witnessing her fans nodding their heads, making eye contact, and singing along during her shows makes her feel supported and assures her that she is not alone in her emotions. It is this bond with her audience that inspires her to continue creating music that they can relate to. Taylor vows to make as many albums as possible, even when live shows are not feasible, in order to sustain this special connection with her fans, the Swifties.

Re-Recording Her Early Albums

Amidst her commitment to her fans, Taylor Swift is also engaged in the process of re-recording her first six albums. This decision came about due to a masters ownership dispute with her former record label, Big Machine Records, and its founder, Scott Borchetta, as well as new owner Scooter Braun. The re-recorded versions, titled “Taylor’s Version,” aim to give her control over her music and ensure that her fans can enjoy her timeless classics with a fresh perspective.

The Eras Tour: A Journey and a Potential Documentary

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been a resounding success, with sold-out shows and enthusiastic audiences. The tour has garnered speculation that a documentary may be in the works, as film crews have been closely following the music artist, capturing her performances from different angles, and documenting behind-the-scenes moments. A documentary showcasing Taylor’s tour journey would undoubtedly be a thrilling prospect for her fans.

Extending The Eras Tour

The excitement surrounding Taylor Swift’s tour continues to grow as she recently extended The Eras Tour with new shows in the US and Canada. Her dedication to her fans and passion for performing have resulted in the announcement of 15 additional shows in North America scheduled for the tail end of 2024. These concerts will take place in various cities, including Miami, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Toronto, Canada, with multiple nights in each city, including six dates at the Rogers Center.


Taylor Swift’s devotion to her fans and her genuine connection with them through her music are truly remarkable. Her live performances not only serve as her coping mechanism but also create a bond that is cherished by both Taylor and her fans. Through the re-recording of her early albums and her commitment to creating new records, Taylor Swift continues to make her mark in the music industry. As she extends The Eras Tour and potentially works on a documentary, her fans eagerly await more incredible moments and experiences with their beloved artist, Taylor Swift.

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