16 tips to entertain kids for free

Parents having children at home know how expensive day-drips can be but there are many ways to entertain kids for free, and it often just takes a little creativity and some planning.

Looking for ways to entertain the kids? Here are some of our favourite indoor and outdoor FREE things to do with kids to suit all ages

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Go on a nature walk or hike: Explore the outdoors and let kids discover new sights, sounds, and smells.
  2. Have a picnic: Pack a lunch and head to a local park or beach to enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company.
  3. Have a game night: Pull out board games, card games, or even create your own games.
  4. Have a movie marathon: Choose a theme, such as a favorite movie franchise or a particular genre, and have a movie marathon at home.
  5. Have a craft day: Gather materials from around the house and let kids get creative with arts and crafts projects.
  6. Go to the library: Many libraries offer free events and activities for kids, such as story time or craft workshops.
  7. Have a dance party: Turn up the music and let kids let loose and dance.
  8. Have a backyard or living room campout: Set up a tent or blankets and pillows and have a indoor “campout.”
  9. Have a backyard or living room scavenger hunt: Create a list of items for kids to find and let them search the house or yard to see who can find everything first.
  10. Learn Magic. Wow your friends and family, and learn some magic tricks
  11. Create a Time Capsule
  12. Create a time c
  13. Make a Camp/Den
  14. Let your kids make a camp/den  using old blankets/duvets, cushions and chairs for props. Or gather some sturdy sticks from the wood and use some old tarpaulin as a roof.
  15. Make a Home Cinema. Set up a home cinema and settle down to watch some fun family movies together. Wondering what to watch? Try these feel-good movies, introduce your kids to some 80s classics, or work your way through our A to Z of fab family movies!
  16. Go for a Cycle. Strap on the helmets, grab the bikes, and go for a cycle. Cycling is a great activity that the whole family can do together – it’s an opportunity to get out with the kids and get some exercise and fresh air. But being cycle-safe is important too.

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