5 of the Best Adventurous Activities for Thrillseekers

If your idea of family fun is to get hearts pumping and adrenaline flowing, then you need to find activities for thrillseekers. 

Here are five exciting types of adventure you can enjoy – if you dare!

Skydiving without a parachute

Yes, you can really experience the thrill of skydiving without the danger in a wind tunnel. Inside the tunnel, the air flows upwards at high speed and you get the chance to fly and float around in mid-air. Skydiving is a great way to have fun – and because the fun takes place indoors it’s an activity you can do all year round.

There’s always a safety net at the bottom and you’ll get to wear a safety helmet and goggles. 

Rafting through the rapids

If you’re a family who love water sports, then you’ll love rafting. Not only will you get the chance to be outdoors in the fresh air, but you’ll also have stunning views and the chance to see wildlife. Rafting is great for kids from the age of seven, who’ll share space with you in an inflatable kayak – experiencing the rapids of your chosen location with your trusty guide. All safety equipment is provided, and you can ride the rapids on excursion days from April through to September.

Flying over the waves

Fancy being up in the air over the waves? If so, then a family parasailing trip could be your perfect day out. Children as young as five can take part in parasailing because they can be with a parent or older sibling.

You’ll be attached to a safety harness that’s attached to the parachute. The parachute is towed along by the boat while you’re in the air over the waves. You won’t even get wet as you take off and land on the boat. Parasailing is all year round – except on days with strong winds or lightning.

Heading through the trees

If you have a head for heights then an aerial adventure park will test your skills of climbing, navigating, and staying in the air by crossing bridges and rising zip wires. These adventure parks have color-coded trails that you can choose according to your ability. Then you spend hours exploring the trail by climbing through the trees – even the opportunity to head out in the evening to experience a ‘glow in the dark’ adventure when the park is lit with LED lights and pumping music. The adventure parks are open all year round on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Monday to Thursday is for group reservations.

Learn to ski

Do you love the snow? Well, how about learning to ski? With experience, you’ll be able to take to the slopes with the best of them. And it’s great for kids too. All you need to do is pick your family-friendly location and book your lessons. You’ll be able to hire all the equipment you need, and you book lessons in most resorts a day at a time. If you’ve the time, you can learn to snowboard too. Resorts usually open in March and some go through until June or July.

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