Top 7 vineyards to Visit in Australia

Australia is a fan favorite when it comes to traveling or living there. Isn’t it? However, one more Australian thing that’s quite famous is wine. Yes! Australian wine is now a global favorite because of its texture and taste. Also, the country appears in the list of the top five countries producing the most wine globally. What makes Australian wines the best? It’s the variety of geographies, climates, and soils present in the country. It allows people to grow premium quality and a wide range of wines. White playful wines and deep, hearty reds can be found here.

So, Australia should be your next stop, whether you are looking to export wine for your business or are just a wine aficionado. Here you will find the most beautiful wineries producing quality wine. So, which ones should you cover on your next trip? The ones mentioned below.

De Bortoli, Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley has a cool climate, making it perfect for making and distributing wine. The Yarra Valley is located 50 km from Melbourne in the northern-eastern region near the towns of Healesville and Yarra Glen. This winery is known for producing some of the best Australian wines, including Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It is famous for its wine, with over 70 wineries. Of all these, three known vineyards are owned by De Bortoli winemakers. If you ever come here. You must visit all three—Winery Vineyards (Dixons Creek), Abbey Vineyard, and Lusatia Park Vineyard—to see the magic of De Bortoli.

Penfolds, Barossa Valley, SA

Penfolds is another famous winery in the Barossa Valley, the well-known wine-producing region located northeast of Adelaide. The Barossa region has multiple wineries which offer cellar-door tastings and wine tastings. One of the most famous vineyards is Penfolds. It is known for Grange; a premium wine made using Shiraz grapes and a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon. Other favorites here are Reserve Bin A and Chardonnay Yattarna. You will find premium quality in both white and red wines here.

Seven Hill Cellars, Clare Valley, South Africa

Seven hills in the Clare Valley region are a mesmerizing vineyard with exquisite wine in Australia. Seven hills are one of the oldest wineries in the Clare Valley. Initially, here you would only find altar wine. But now this winery and the region are known for other wines, like the Riesling wine. After tasting the wine in Seven Hills, you can also check out the other 40 wineries. A wine taster’s paradise, to say the least.

Cullen, Margaret River, Western Australia

In the Margaret River wine region, you will find one of the best wine-producing vineyards by the name of Cullen. It is known for producing the best cabernet-based Red Diana Medline. Even Kevin John’s chardonnay and Vanya are quite interesting. The winery is biodynamic and carbon-positive.

Lancaster Wines, Swan Valley, Western Australia

Another vineyard on your list needs to be Lancaster wines. It is located 20 minutes away from Perth and is known for its outdoor tasting bar and shed. One of the most well-known vineyards in the Swan Valley wine region, their white Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Blanc wines are masterpieces. If you wish to visit the entire Swan Valley and the wineries it has, do hire a designated driver. Otherwise, you will be lost in the beautiful winery.

Wine By Farr, Geelong, Vic.

The winery sells beautiful, refined chardonnay, amongst other wines exclusively made using grapes that they grow. You will even find an individually styled pinot-noir here. If you visit this winery, try their top wines, which are the 2019 GC chardonnay and 2018 RP pinot noir.

Vasse Felix, Margaret River, Western Australia

The founding vineyard in the Margaret River wine valley is Vasse Felix. Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Shiraz blended with other high-quality wines are the best-selling wines of this vineyard. Vasse Felix has four vineyards in the region which are extremely popular.

So, set your itinerary because you have a lot of wineries to visit and a lot of wine tasting to do. Brush up your knowledge of wine tasting to enjoy the tour and bring home the best wine of all.

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