10 Base Clothes For College Outfits

An outfit will make you fit in college or feel like an outcast

It is also a great source of confidence when making presentations, discussing assignments with classmates, or when taking a day off classes, among other activities.

If you are thinking in the long term, your style outfit forms part of your memories, and will appear in your ten or 20 years down the line. That makes it a big deal!

The decision on the outfit to wear each morning is a huge one and will take a lot of your emotions. It is the reason some of the icons in the world like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg stick to one outfit design for years. Allow IB Extended Essay Writing Service to work on your essays as you focus on your dressing and other more pressing personal issues. 

Here are the base clothes for every college student.

  1. Black suit- for both men and women. It fits the formal days, dinners, interviews, and presentations when you need to appear serious.
  2. Formal shoe for men and women. Fits the days when you have to appear official.
  3. Trench coat- for the freezing days you need to cover the body.
  4. Sneakers- for the light Fridays or afternoons you need to step out.
  5. Polo shirt- for the casual days you still don’t want to completely dress down.

  1. Jeans- fits the days you want to slip into anything and rush to class.
  2. Personal styled outfit- what defines your college style and personality? It must give you a unique appearance. 
  3. Watch- and other accessories to complement your outfit.
  4. Hoodie, jacket or cardigan- to keep away the cold.
  5. Dark layer- a jacket for any day.

College is about experimenting. Improvise your dressing and find an affordable way of looking elegant. The style of outfit should fit the different scenarios you will be invited or participate while in college.

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