How Much Does DJ Equipment Cost?

The price of DJ equipment is often the biggest obstacle people encounter when they are first starting out in the industry. Spending a huge amount of money on something you’re not yet sure will work is scary. Plus, there is always a common misconception that only an expensive DJ set is good enough if you really want to make it. 

However, there is a vast variety of equipment on the market, and if you do proper research, you’ll find something that fits your budget. Thus, the question isn’t how much DJ equipment costs but rather how big of a budget you can work with. 

What Exactly Falls Under DJ Equipment?

Before we dive into the DJ equipment for sale and its prices, we’ll list all the DJ equipment you might need. 

  • Speakers
  • DJ controller
  • Headphones
  • Turntables
  • DJ mixer
  • DJ decks

Though this might seem like a lot, don’t worry. You won’t need all of it, as the type of equipment you need depends on how you want to approach DJing. If you want to go old school, you’ll need a mixer, turntables, a controller, and speakers. 

However, if you want to DJ using your laptop, you will only need a controller and great speakers. That is why we will focus on these two pieces of DJ equipment the most. You can buy them for around $1,400.

How Much Do DJ Speakers Cost?

The prices of speakers are rather varied, ranging between $185 and $1,100 a pair. It is important to note that equating price and quality does not work when it comes to speakers. In fact, the most expensive ones are often of lower quality than those which are a lot cheaper.  

What you should look at instead of the price is the sound quality, the power, and whether the speakers need a separate amplifier. Also, always check if the speakers are suitable for home use only, as well as if they come alone or with stands or lights. 

When you find the model or at least the specifications you want, always explore different manufacturers. Chances are that the same or similar speakers have different price tags on different websites or in different stores. So, doing research is the key to finding the most affordable set. 

How Much Does a DJ Controller Cost?

Controllers are, perhaps, the most expensive DJ equipment pieces. However, there is a wide range of options, and finding one suitable for your budget is more than possible. 

Currently, the most expensive DJ controllers cost around $3,000. These have numerous features and great build quality. But they could also be rather confusing for beginners as you probably won’t need all the features they offer right away. 

So, a DJ set for beginners does not require such a complex and expensive controller. Most basic controllers have all the features you need to get started and learn how to DJ. These controllers cost anywhere between $500 and $1,500.

If you find that you need a better one, later on, you can take your time and save up some money. In the meantime, you can learn to DJ on the less pricey one you get. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent DJ Equipment?

If you only need DJ equipment once or a few times, renting it is a much better solution than buying. It will lower your expenses significantly in the long run. The rental price will vary depending on where you live, whether the equipment is new or used, and so on. But on average, you will have to pay around $500 to rent DJ equipment. 

In Conclusion

As you have read, the cost of DJ equipment varies significantly based on different factors. Before you make any decisions, you should figure out what your budget is and go from there. Do a lot of research, and you will surely find equipment that fits both your needs and your budget. Good luck!

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