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The journey of childbirth is one of the most beautiful and deeply human experiences a woman can have. The beautiful thing about having a child is that it is the true epitome of community. Within marriage, a family is created when a child is brought into the world, and even though the woman carries the baby to term and is responsible for the labor, she has the support of her spouse and family. 

Family is a wonderfully diverse term and can look unique depending on the place and location. Regardless of what family may look like for you, the process of pregnancy is one that is both beautiful, inspiring, and also terrifying, and nervewracking. While it may be one of the most common of nature’s wonders, it will always be one of the most beautiful and mystifying. One aspect of the pregnancy journey that every mother has to deal with is her changing body. No matter who you are or what your unique pregnancy journey looks like, your body will change in meaningful ways that can be challenging to adjust to. 

One of the many challenges that these physical changes bring – is that of clothing. How do you know what to where and how can you find clothing that can support you while your body goes through the process of pregnancy? If you have been wanting to find out more about maternity clothing like maternity leggings, shoes, and much more – here is everything you need to know!

First Things First – Don’t Freak Out!

Pregnancy is a beautiful and wonderful part of life, and it’s a privilege that so many women long to experience. When it happens though, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of change that comes with the territory. Hormones, body changes, mood swings, hunger cravings, it all happens and it’s all part of the package. 

It’s 100% natural to be concerned with needs during this time, the most basic of which is clothing. As a child, people learn the importance of clothing, and as they age part of the process of independence is learning how to provide for yourself and get your own clothes. As a new mom-to-be, it’s natural to start looking at your wardrobe and wondering, what the heck am I going to wear?

While there’s a lot of beauty and pride that comes with the baby bump, there can also be some anxiety about resources. The main thing to remember is that there are plenty of not just okay, but great maternity clothing options out there. Maternity clothing is a huge market that can provide you not only with clothing that works for your changing body, but clothing that looks fantastic and feels phenomenal. 

Looking Good Does Look Like Feeling Good

Sometimes, when it comes to clothing and fashion, there’s this idea that looking good always has to come at the cost of feeling comfortable or feeling good. The truth is, that’s a lie and you can always find clothing that makes you feel amazing and look stunning and in pregnancy, it’s no different. 

Maternity clothing first and foremost should make you feel amazing. As a mom-to-be, your body is doing some pretty intense work creating that new little baby, and it needs to be supported and comforted during the process. Maternity clothing should support, comfort, and look as amazing as it makes you feel. This could be as simple as a high-quality pair of maternity leggings that you can wear to pick up the kids, grab groceries, or for a casual night out with your friends.

Shirts That You Can Style

Another aspect of maternity clothing that you shouldn’t have to compromise on, is your shirts. Your upper body will experience the most change as your baby bump continues to grow. As proud as you are of this baby bump, and as much as you will want to show it off – you should still have access to shirts that are big enough to fit and are still stylish. 

Cute maternity t-shirts are something that can save your life on busy days when life isn’t stopping and you have to figure out how to handle it on the fly. One option that can really bring comfort and style, is a maternity cardigan that you can style with various outfits. With a cardigan, you can wear a maternity belly shirt that lets you breathe, but still, cover up if it’s a bit chilly. This could be a great option if you are pregnant during the early days of fall before the cold weather really sets in! 


The most important thing to remember is that pregnancy is a beautiful and life-changing journey. Embracing the changes that this journey brings to you is challenging, so invest in high-quality, supportive, comfortable maternity clothing that helps you enjoy this incredible season of your life. 

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