6 Benefits of Releasing New Music on Spotify

Spotify is easily one of the biggest digital music platforms out there, and has slowly gained dominance  in pop culture over competitors like Pandora and Apple Music.

Now that charts like Billboard take streaming plays into account, your digital plays all count toward your ability to get into the coveted Hot 100 (and beyond!) and catapult your career into success.

Here are a few of the big benefits that come with deciding to release your new music on Spotify.

  1. It Gets More Eyes on Your Work

Spotify is huge these days, and if you’re going to put your music online at all, you need to put it on Spotify. It’s simply the best way to reach the most people on one platform.

Due to how playlists and recommendations work, it’s also likely your music will get recommended to people who are already listening to the same genre, pulling in people who weren’t originally searching for your song.

  1. It Promotes Organic Audience Growth

When someone listens to one of your songs on Spotify, they’re also going to be directed by the recommendations to check out your previous work or other songs on the same album. This means the app much more organically creates a fanbase for you as an artist and not just a song.

Having audiences connect with your entire body of work is important, as it’s the big deciding factor behind whether you become a true success or merely stall out as a one hit wonder.

  1. It Gives you Real Time Data Tracking

One of the most important tools any kind of professional can have access to is a curated data stream that shows market trends and how their product interacts with it.

The music industry is no different, and being able to quickly capitalize on growing trends is an important skill for a musical artist to pick up, especially if you’re publishing purely as an independent artist.

If you see one song is doing well, or as a publisher see one artist in your stable is doing well, you can put more resources into marketing and cultivating that song or artist, and maybe shift your sound early to capitalize on the success of a specific genre you seem most proficient with.

  1. It Helps to Make Sure People Actually Buy Your Song

It’s a counterintuitive idea, but studies across many years and several industries show that digital distribution increases revenue across the board for your work.

One of the biggest factors when it comes to piracy is access. If people aren’t able to easily and legally gain access to your product, they will find alternative means of getting their hands on it. You only need to look at the evolution of the anime industry and how streaming has changed it to see that kind of change in real time.

But keep in mind when choosing a company that can get your music on Spotify, be sure to compare different music distributors (like in this comparison of Tunecore and Distrokid) for their various benefits and shortcomings

Music is no different. When people have easy access to your music and can listen to it for free on demand…they are much more likely to simply buy the song, or at least buy a subscription to listen to your song in order to support you as an artist.

In this day and age buying a product (in this case your music) sight unseen is an unthinkable prospect for the average consumer, who has a lot of media attention every day. Most people can’t afford to just blindly buy whatever they come across and hope it’s good when a thousand other songs were released that day for them to listen to.

  1. It Makes It Easier to Chart

In the past, the only consistent way to make your song chart was to ensure it got a lot of radio play. This left indie artists in a bit of a bind, as they didn’t have the resources to compete with the big music publishers. This led to many bands either having to sign deals they didn’t want to or otherwise fade into obscurity.

As a result, any burgeoning musical artist  should figure out how to upload music to Spotify and make sure they make it a focus of their digital publishing strategy.

  1. It Could Make You More Money

Spotify pays you more money on average per play than most other alternatives, averaging out to about 70 cents on every dollar they make from your song specifically via subscriptions and repeated plays. This blows traditional outlets like radios out of the water, and helps ensure you have an easy, consistent revenue stream for your music. This is a big reason why a lot of big artists allow their music to be hosted on a site like Spotify.

Combined with the increased word of mouth spread and higher likelihood people might actually buy your album, and you have a recipe for success.

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