Jessie J shares her fashion and workout tips

Jessie J has shared her tips for sticking to a workout regime despite having a hectic lifestyle.

The Essex born singer songwriter Jessie J works out to one day be able to “wear no tights on stage”.

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Like many female performers, the Alive singer prefers to keep her legs covered in flesh-coloured hosiery during her performances to avoid unflattering photographs.

Talking about her new fitness regime, the star joked that she had upped her workouts to create smooth, toned legs that don’t require covering up.

“I imagine myself on stage and remember that I want to be able to wear no tights up there. At the moment, I’m still a bit too paranoid. In this industry, there are cameras everywhere and I wear two pairs of tights,” she told Health & Fitness magazine when asked if she had a mental image that keeps her motivated to exercise. “And if that doesn’t work, I think, ‘Set an example, be healthy; there’s nothing bad coming from this, so just get up and do it.'”

Jessie, who launched her own fitness app with Nike earlier this year, also shared a tip for making sure she doesn’t skip too many workouts because of her busy schedule.

She explained that now she’s lost her fear of exercising in public, she is aiming to squeeze in fitness sessions earlier than she originally planned them.

“I didn’t want anyone noticing me exercising! But now I say, do things the day before you were going to do them. If you were going to go for a run tomorrow, try it tonight,” she suggested.

The star said recently in an interview: When it came to finding a party outfit for Jessie J, there was one rule: no dresses allowed. “It wouldn’t feel like me,” she says. “My style is ghetto chic. I love tacky jewellery, mega heels, high-waisted shorts, catsuits.”


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