Alesha Dixon thinks David Walliams will regret golden buzzer choice

Britain’s Got Talent’s Alesha Dixon believes that David Walliams will regret his golden buzzer choice.

Alesha Dixon thinks David Walliams will regret golden buzzer choice | MarkMeets UK Telly News TV News |
We saw David pick Christian Spridon as his buzzer act at the weekend despite the singer getting four red buzzers.

Christian moved around the stage and sung to Tom Jones’ Sex Bomb before all four red Xs eventually lit up, although in the end David’s was pressed by Simon.

“What the bloody hell did you do that for? I’m not being rude Christian but the act was appalling,” Simon reacted.

But Amanda Holden backed up David: “Listen, we have to press the golden buzzer when we really believe in somebody and it’s up to each individual judge to have a passion for something and if you’re David’s passion then well done to you.”

Speaking to us earlier this month, David reckoned that Christan could win the show.

“I think he can win if the public really want to upset Simon,” he joked.

And David went on to blame the other judges for his choice.


“You see they were all trying to press my buzzer, as I was the only who hadn’t. So I liked this act and they ll hated him so I had to resort to the golden buzzer,” he explained.

But Alesha revealed: “David’s choice is horrendous. I think he will really regret it, I didn’t get. It was awful.”

She said of the other golden buzzers: “Simon’s choice… if he didn’t press it I would have, they actually reduced to me to tears which doesn’t happen very often.”

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