Lady Gaga’s Relaunching Haus With Sephora has been a huge success

It’s no secret that Lady Gaga has always been incredibly fashion-forward. From the daring looks of her early days, like the meat dress, to the elegance she exudes when performing with Tony Bennet, Gaga has always stunned (and occasionally) shocked fans and critics alike with her bold looks.

Gaga loves her fashion and is also known for her many makeup looks. From her bold and colorful makeup during The Fame Monster and Born This Way eras to her fresh-faced looks after the release of Joanne, Gaga has always kept fans guessing about what her next look is going to be.

It’s because of her unique take on fashion that fans were delighted when Gaga announced that she’s creating her own makeup brand, an excitement that would be short-lived for some fans because of who she partnered with to originally release the brand.

Haus Laboratories Originally Launched Exclusively On Amazon

Lady Gaga partnered with Amazon for the first release of her makeup brand, then named Haus Laboratories. Most fans were excited about the long-anticipated release, which was set to happen on Prime Day 2019.

Haus Laboratories was the first major beauty brand to not only launch but exclusively be sold through Amazon, and while many fans were excited at the prospect of the pop star releasing their own makeup line, others were less than thrilled at Amazon being the vendor that was chosen to facilitate the release.

Amazon was facing controversy at the time for backing ICE and for unfair working conditions, with certain Amazon workers set to go on strike the day the line launched. Fans were quick to comment on how much they loved Lady Gaga, but simply couldn’t support the brand because of where they were launching.

Even still, sales on Prime Day did phenomenally with the brand ending up as the bestseller in makeup for the event. Unfortunately, the brand wasn’t able to recreate that same spark with its ongoing sales on the site.

The brand continued to sell some items on Amazon going forward, but for all intents and purposes, the launch did not do as well as anticipated.

Lady Gaga Eventually Teased Updates And A New Collab For Haus

Haus Laboratories would quietly remain available on Amazon going forward, with some of its items, such as the lip gloss, still making Amazon’s top 10 best-selling products all these years later.

But the point of launching on Amazon was accessibility, something that was becoming harder and harder to achieve when the brand would get lost in a sea of other options when doing basic makeup searches on the site.

Some time passed before the brand’s Instagram page began dropping teasers of something new and exciting to come. Fans in the comments sections were abuzz as they began to speculate what the update meant.

Luckily, the Little Monsters wouldn’t have to wait too much longer for an update. Eventually, the company shortened its name to Haus Labs, and Lady Gaga finally announced that she would be partnering with Sephora for the brand’s relaunch.

In May 2022, Lady Gaga posted an image of herself to the Haus Labs Instagram page promoting the partnership. Initially, the brand would only be available at 25 Sephora stores to start, with the option to order online through Sephora or directly from the Haus Labs website, before eventually being made available at 500 stores nationwide.

The Haus Labs Instagram page exploded with colorful promotional shots after the announcement, many with Gaga herself modeling the brand as a proud Mother Monster would.

The promotional shots on the Haus Labs site and Instagram page are a site to behold, with models of all shapes, ethnicities, sexes, and ages shown modeling the products.

Fans have been quick to praise the brand for its broad range of foundation shades, something that is incredibly important currently when releasing a makeup line.

The relaunch would also bring about “cleaner” products, with the brand removing some 2,600 “bad” ingredients in favor of ones that are better for the skin. The cleaner ingredients, according to Haus Labs, are sustainably sourced and safe with “innovative ingredients and complexes that deliver skincare benefits”.

Lady Gaga has also come out and said that Haus Labs is a fully vegan and cruelty-free brand, with the brand and its suppliers not testing on animals or containing any ingredients that are animal-based, which opens the brand up to a wider array of users.

The brand is also aiming to be a 100% carbon-neutral company by 2027 according to its website, something they are achieving by using more sustainable packaging whenever possible with materials like glass, aluminum, cellulose, and PCR resin “that are planet sage and reduce climate impact.”

Little Monsters And Make-Up Enthusiasts Are Raving

Fans of Lady Gaga were always excited about the idea of the pop star launching her own makeup line, and that enthusiasm transitioned into the Haus Labs rebrand with Sephora.

Tiktok has been raving about the brand’s products, with fans praising the foundation coverage, the colorful hues, and the site’s foundation matching tool. Several fans have said that the foundation is the “best they have ever used”.

Haus Labs’ Instagram page is flooded with positive comments and support for all the products they have launched, with some calling them the launch of the year. Others are just excited that they can go in-store to test the products, something that couldn’t be done while the brand was on Amazon.

“I really love this new updated line, using before and after, major diff. And a Sephora junkie, so happy to make my life easier getting these products as I’m always there already”, with many echoing that sentiment in the announcement post.

With so many other makeup brands leaning into the “clean” beauty standard and expanding their shade ranges, it makes complete sense that Lady Gaga is leaning into that standard while also promoting inclusivity, individuality, and beauty standards that people from all walks of life can look up to.

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