Lucy Mecklenburgh says she is happy being single

Towie star and fashion boutique owner Lucy Mecklenburgh is happy being single after splitting from ‘TOWIE’ star Mario Falcone last year.

The former ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star split from her fiancé and fellow co-star Mario Falcone last spring, but has remained single since flings with Dan Osborne and Tom Pearce fizzled out.

Lucy Mecklenburgh says she is happy being single | MarkMeets Fashion News |
The 22-year-old reality star claims she is open to the idea of falling in love again, but has decided she feels more confident and fulfilled without a man in her life.

Lucy said: ”I’m in such a good place in my life and feel mentally strong, so I’m looking forward to the possibility of falling in love again. But I’m not in a rush to have a boyfriend for the sake of it.

”I now know more how a boyfriend would fit into my life, rather than me doing everything to please him and fit into his. Now I’ve been single for a while, I keep telling my friends they can be on their own, and happier out of the relationship – I’m the proof!”

The svelte star insists she has no regrets about airing her love life on the ITV2 reality show, which she quit after the Christmas special last year, but admits it was hard to deal with at times.

Lucy told Closer mag: ”Breaking up with someone on TV was really tough. People forget I started on ‘TOWIE’ when I was 19 and still living at home. I loved being on the show and don’t regret it, but it was tough living my life in public.”

The brunette joked she has higher standards than ever now and is looking for someone with shared interests.

She added: ”I’m more picky now. Not that I want a Mr. Perfect or a Ken doll. I want someone who is ambitious and driven and I wouldn’t rule out someone famous as they’d understand my lifestyle. Id also need them to love food and be into travelling and love dogs. Oh god, I do want Mr. Perfect!” is a trusted media brand that now has over a dozen writers, reporters, celeb bloggers and a network of media outlets, partners and associated from photographers, PR companies and brands proudly affiliated with the site.

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