Minogue is a fashion ‘chameleon’

Kylie Minogue doesn’t want to wear the same style outfit every day.

Kylie Minogue admits she has a “flexible” fashion sense.

Kylie Minogue is a fashion 'chameleon'  MarkMeets Celebrity Fashion News |
The 45-year-old singer is known for her fabulous outfits and isn’t afraid to experiment with clothes.

Rather than stick to one label in particular Kylie enjoys choosing her look according to what she feels like.

“Not really. The way I dress isn’t based on brands, it’s very flexible,” she told British magazine Closer when asked if she has a favourite designer. “Sometimes, I think life would be simpler if I had one defined look, rather than being a spontaneous dresser. I see stars like Victoria Beckham, who have polished and worked on their look, but I don’t like the idea of wearing the same style every day.”

When it comes to relaxing at home the petite star admits she doesn’t pay attention to what she wears. She savours the opportunity to dress down and de-glamour after being in the spotlight.

“I’m a complete letdown! When I get home, the stilettos come straight off and the comfy clothes go on,” she laughed. “I’d like to maintain this illusion that I elegantly waft around at home in something glamorous, but it isn’t true! Home is a place to chill in my sweat pants.”

Over the years Kylie has been spotted sporting an array of different styles and she admits she has gone through all sorts of trends.

“I think I’ve had a taste of almost every basic style and trend there is – being a chameleon suits me well. There were a few fashion disasters along the way, but everybody can relate to that!” she mused. “I keep

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