Quick Hair Hacks to Lessen Heat Damage while Straightening

The temptation to get shiny and stylish hair makes it irresistible not to use hair styler tools which give a lot of heat exposure to the hair. Needless to mention, straight hair without any bends helps to accomplish all the looks from a party dress to ethnic touch and even joggers and pajamas. And if smoothening the waves or curls is also a part of your daily hair regime then we are going to tell you how to minimize heat damage to hair. Let people blow their own trumpet by telling the cons of a hair straightener because this blog suggests the hacks that are real-time saviors by cutting down heat damage on hair. Tap to have a look now! 

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Tips to Follow to Minimize Heat Damage with a Straightener

Avoid Straightening on Wet Hair 

Never use a Hair Straightener on wet hair. First thing, it is futile to rub the straightening tool on wet hair because of the moisture, heat will not be absorbed and as a result, you have to use the tool more than required, damaging the hair more. Moreover using a hair straightener tends on wet hair makes them weak resulting in more hair loss than usual. To dry your hair instantly, you can use a Hair Dryer that assures smooth hair experience by removing every ounce of moisture with a heat setting feature that will decrease too much heat exposure. 

Use Hair Serum or Heat Protectant 

Styling your hair sounds fun till you don’t end up damaging the tips and roots. Hair Styling Tools work efficiently if you apply hair serum before you start using the hair appliance. Just spray the serum or take in your hands and rub on the hair which will make a huge difference in your hair making it look shinier and smoother. 

Switch to Different Heat Temperatures 

Now hairstyling has become quite convenient because you can switch to different heat temperatures as per your needs. Different temperature adjustments help to give the desired heat settings that will give access to stylish hair whether you want it at the lowest temperature or high temperature. Hair Straightener has similar settings making hair straightening completely safe with different temperatures.

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Don’t Straighten the Same Area Twice 

Using the hair straightener repetitively on the same section of hair can damage the strands more than usual. For the finished results, you can use Hair Straightener that has titanium plates that give salon-like hair in no time. If you are tired of using the straightener tentatively on the same section again and again then Hair Styler give the best result with the help of ceramic coating plates for the smooth and equal distribution of heat without having to use it more than once on the same hair section. 

And that’s all for the hacks that is going to be a total game changer! Now get oh-so pretty hair that shines and stays poker straight for a long run by entrusting that stands firm against all the odds of hair straightening! 

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