Why You Should Be Wearing Watches In The First Place

After spending any amount of time on this blog, it should be clear that we recommend a good watch as part of any ensemble, be it a Nomos Glashuette, Oris Aquis watches, Hublot pieces, or otherwise. But why are watches such a key part of the successful man’s wardrobe? What do they communicate about you?

They’re practical and functional

Watches are, first and foremost, a practical tool for telling time. As such, they show one of the key qualities of any good professional: time management. That you take your time seriously and that you pay attention to the details makes you seem like a more competent and serious man. You don’t need a watch loaded with advanced functions as shown at Wonderslist, but they can be a way to show that you know your technology, as well.

They show appreciation for craftsmanship

One of the reasons that men love watches, often to the point of getting to learn more about the technology that drives them, is that they are historically linked to a tradition of craftsmanship that is hard to find elsewhere. Even if they’re later mass-produced, these fine pieces of working art are often designed by hand by craftsmen working laboriously to ensure they work as cleanly as possible.

They’re stylish

It’s a simple reason but it’s true. If you want to signal that you know style, then you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to widely accepted jewelry. If you don’t want to go counter-culture, then it’s instead worth looking at WatchBox’s picks for decent dress watches. When it comes to formal wear, there are few ways to elevate a fitted suit beyond the kind that you would wear for other occasions than adding some accessories. 

They bring a personal touch to the outfit

As mentioned, your choice of accessories for outfits might be limited, but your choice of watches is much wider. As such, you can personalize your look with a watch that’s specific to you. What’s more, you can go even further with things like watch engravings. Not only can you make your watch specific to you as an individual, but they can even become precious heirlooms that can be passed from father to son.

They have prestige

Many of the brands mentioned above aren’t just good watch designers. They are associated with a kind of class and prestige that’s hard to find in any other kind of men’s fashion. Watches have a history about them that gives them a lot more gravitas. Rolex is the finest example of this, now being synonymous with wealth and success like few other fashion items could be, and these qualities reflect on you when you wear those watches.

There are few hard rules in the world of fashion, but the characteristics of a good watch are nigh-universally recognized. If you want to be taken seriously, to show prestige, and to appear to be a competent, professional man, you should read more posts on the blog about the watches that help you do it.

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