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MEET Charlie Tyler Featured Artist August 2022 On MarkMeets Music

Charlie Tyler is a twenty-year-old English singer-songwriter, poet and YouTuber. Raised in a tiny Cornish village, Charlie’s childhood passion revolved around sports until she attended an Ellie Goulding concert. She was sixteen and suddenly knew what she wanted to be.

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Charlie Tyler is gaining popularity online

After first learning the Ukulele and singing at local country fairs, Charlie taught herself guitar and soon the piano. Writing songs became a passion despite her lack of formal training, and she started performing live as soon as she could find somewhere to let her play. Inspired by classic artists like Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morrisette, and Carole King, Charlie’s ambitions are to produce modern pop music influenced by those magical performers.

“A new singer songwriter whose music is on our office playlist” MARKMEETS MUSIC

After meeting songwriter, producer and creator, Russell James Williams in April 2021, the two became a writing partnership that instantly blossomed Charlie’s sound, providing the perfect platform for her beautiful, haunting vocal style. Her first EP, ‘With All That Lonely Held Inside’, was released in early October, quickly followed by her second, ‘Surrender The Ghosts’, in December 2021. Already armed with a rich catalogue of dynamic, heartfelt songs, Charlie is currently recording her debut album.

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New interview with Charlie Tyler

Who was the last artist you saw live?

The last artist I saw live was Ellie Goulding on her recent tour. I first saw Ellie at the start of her career, and she was the first performer that inspired me to want to become a musician. I’ve grown up with her music and respect her so much.

What song would you most loved to have written?

I’m obsessed with classic old-school pop and rock music, so that’s an almost impossible question to answer as there are so many great songs. I’m going to go with ‘Carolina On My Mind’ by James Taylor. Magical.

What does a typical day for you look like?

I try to make sure I do something creative every day. I’m an independent artist, so it’s up to my creative partner Russell James Williams and me to create all my promotional content. If we are not writing and recording new ideas, we are dealing with the seemingly endless task of producing content for our social sites. We are also about to start rehearsals for some live shows later in the year.

Tell us what we can expect from you in the coming 12 months?

My new single ‘West Coast’ is released on the 9th of September and will be followed by an EP ‘The Real Life’. We will be doing several live shows this autumn, and I hope to release my first album, which I’ve just finished recording, early next year.

Charlie Tyler reveals what is behind her songs and the inspiration:

‘Silent All These Years’ is the alt-pop dance track from my second EP and it’s about learning to voice your feelings/opinions without fearing judgement.

‘With All That Lonely Held Inside’, the title track from my debut EP is about finding comfort in knowing that someone is always there for you.

‘High On The Beach’ is the perfect alt-pop track for summer – defo one of my favs.

‘Girl Without You’ is such a special track to me and I adore getting to sing it live!đź’™

‘Never Known’ is a track .from my second EP and it’s one of my favs that we have released so far!

‘Your Biggest Mistake’, the penultimate track from my second EP, is bringing all the Fleetwood Mac vibes

Charlie Tyler is a new refreshing independent artist on the rise” – Music reviewer MARK BOARDMAN

Her partnership with co-creator Russell James Williams has since produced the launch of a channel featuring performances of her poetry and her spoken word vlogs on YouTube. She is currently preparing an audiobook for her partner’s original novel, ‘Mr Nimblebus’, and documenting online her journey into personal fitness. One of a new wave of independent female multimedia artists, Charlie’s work already signals the arrival of a fresh, dynamic talent destined to conquer the world.

Be sure to follow Charlie Tyler’s journey from streaming music, buying tickets and merchandise to watching live performances when shows are announced.

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