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Introducing Detalji | The Featured Artist On MarkMeets Music June 2023

– Producer and artist from Helsinki, Finland
– Sound is a mix of triphop, techno and pop music
– Her music has been played on finnish commercial and national radio station

Detalji is steadily gaining popularity online

The star who is the new one to watch!

Following the success of debut album Truly will be released on March 31st 2023, Written during the lockdown years of 2020 and 2021, Truly is a slice of pure escapism. Drawing inspiration from the soundtracks of video games she was playing during that time (namely Crash Bandicoot, GTA Vice City and GTA3) carefully weaving a comforting world of her own, creating distinctive sounding pieces of music that are difficult to place in a certain moment in time. Picking up the guitar after years of neglect also served this purpose, surprising her longtime fans with a completely new addition to her sound. 

Of her new single, Detalji says: “I came up with the lyrics to ‘Caribbean’ when I was thinking of my two friends who were in a relationship many years back, and how it took one of them almost a decade to get over it and accept someone new as her partner.

“A new singer songwriter whose music is on our latest office playlist” MARKMEETS MUSIC

The first draft of the track had way more guitars and kinda folky vibes. I liked it, but it didn’t sound like me, so I went more into the early 2000’s trance/dance direction with the production. While I was mixing the track, I was thinking of the beach in the movie ‘The Beach’ and an emerald blue ocean and I imagined a person standing there, listening to the sound of waves crashing into the shore and thinking of a person from their past.”

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Facts / Interview Q&A

“My karaoke weapon of choice is one of the following: Right Said Fred – Too Sexy, Justin Timberlake – Sexyback OR Ordinary World by Duran Duran”.

The star covered closer by Nine inch nails and made this track because “I love the original song. I also wanted to tell the world how much I love being intimately with a girl!”

Detalji is a new refreshing independant artist on the rise” – Music reviewer MARK BOARDMAN

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