Exclusive interiew with Paisley Parc


Welsh band Paisley Parc release their second single ‘This Way’ and we caught up with them for an exclusive interview.

Meet the group (Jack Mason, Ieuan Evans, Talyn Griffiths, Jack Jones and Morgan Stubbs) who have the alt-rock sound and play music that anyone relate to!

We have so much more in the pipeline for you and we know your gonna love it

Paisley Parc

Louder and bolder, Paisley Parc turns the heat up with an even more mature and confident sound and attitude, accompanied by a music video proudly displaying the picturesque Welsh countryside the lads grew up in and challenging the bad perception of their hometown of Merthyr Tydfil.

Drawing inspiration from Rock heavyweights such as Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, Paisley Parc display the full force of their raw talent with the confidence of an established stadium headliner, whether they headline the local Aftermath festival this August, or on route to the biggest international Rock stages.

How did the band start?

Jack M (Singer) and Ieuan (Lead Guitar) started jamming when they were about 16, never Infront of anyone and mostly confined to one of our living rooms. We learned basics of the guitar then shortly after Jack started doing acoustic gigs around Merthyr which built his reputation as a great performer and where he developed an extraordinary voice. Jack started writing songs and performing those songs in the local pubs and always received great feedback but we knew we needed something more. 

About 2 years ago we were joined by like-minded musicians with Jack J (Drummer) and Talyn (Bass). Once the band started jamming it felt like everything was falling into place, we all had an instant connection and an equal love for music. Now we have a new member Morgan (Keyboards) who we had known for a few years and who is also a great player and since he joined this year it has definitely made a noticeable difference in our sound.

How would you describe your sound?

Loud, bouncing, in your face, rock and roll combined with sweet melodies followed by thoughtful and observant lyricism. We like to mix our sound and can easily switch from a banging rock song to a easy listen and meaningful melody. Some people say we are indie rock and that’s ok but we have a lot of strings to our bow and our new tracks are really showing off our musical influences and range.

What can you tell us about your forthcoming album?

We are in the middle of three song press and radio Campaign which is going really well with over 50,000 listeners from around the world picking up on us via our spotify playlists which is great. The idea now is to release those track with a few more added for an EP that will be called “Long Time Coming”. The songs for next year’s Campaign are written and ready and we feel that they are a step up on what we are currently releasing. All being well the new tracks will follow a similar route to market and extend our fanbase even further which will culminate in an Albumin the middle of next year. All we can really say is “It’s going to be good” 

Where can we hear your new music live? Any plans for gigs? 

The plan is to have a homecoming gig in the next few months which will be a thank you for our fans who helped kick this off for us. Beyond that we are in negotiations with a number of hich profile music venues and will be releasing our upcoming gigs over the coming weeks on our website and socials. After lockdown we are busting to get back out there and do what we know we do best and wow our audience who are in for a treat

Who was the first live gig you watched?

Our musical influencing are varied but some of the earliest gigs we remember as a band include Oasis, the Stereophonics and we always try and get to the Reading festival – Dream is we will be on the bill sooner rather than later.

Who do you all have a celebrity crush on?

It has to be the humble gentleman Dave Grohl – we just love what he has done and the way in which he keeps it so fresh.

Tell us it was working with music producer James Weaver who has worked on projects for All Time Low, Yusuf / Cat Stevens, and Rudimental.

It was great to meet up and work with James and what we were really impressed with was just how well he was able to capture the sound we were looking for. The way he works was suited us as there is no need for endless hours going over and over. With us and James, we are ready before we get to the studio and James just get the track down and then adds his magic.

You have got an ever-growing fan base so for the fans reading this interview do you have a message for them?

It been overwhelming the feedback we are getting for all over the world so our simple message would be Keep listening and sharing our music and a big thank you for supporting us! 

We have so much more in the pipeline for you and we know your gonna love it

Watch the video for ‘This Way’ HERE:

‘This Way’ follows their recent guitar-led anthem ‘CD’ that sent waves across the Rock and Indie scenes, gathering the support of the likes of Total Rock Radio, Express FM, Music-News and Welsh Connections. Their latest single premiered on Wonderland Mag and has already the support of Bethan Elfyn on her BBC Wales show.

Paisley Parc deliver a story of young love, passion and inevitable heartbreak touching upon the highs and lows of toxic relationships, ultimately leading to the only logical conclusion of moving on.


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