Great Reasons To Ride An Ebike

Considering a new bike? Perhaps an electric bike? Here are some of the reasons to go for the battery powered cycling future

The Health Benefits

It is extremely healthy to ride an e-bike. Besides being healthy, it is certainly a lot of fun as you can enjoy being in nature where the sun and wind is quite invigorating. 

Gets rid of cycling obstacles – When you ride an e-bike, you get rid of any of the typical obstacles when it comes to riding such as steep hills, sweat and even strong winds. As a result of this, it allows a wider range of people to enjoy this activity. This will in turn result in healthier people. Even if you love riding but haven’t done so due to bad knees, then with an e-bike you’ll be able to ride again without having to deal with discomfort or pain. 

Greater range with e-bikes – Cycling is actually one of the most efficient ways that you can move from one point to the next. So, when you use an e-bike, this multiplies your personal output by 5 times which allows you to go even longer distances and even up steep hills without getting exhausted. Some of these bikes can really provide great range at affordable prices – look at this from Green Electric Scooters.

More time spent exercising and in the outdoors – Thanks to e-bikes, they allow you to spend more time outside and get more exercise. When you spend time outside it helps to reduce your stress, improve memory, reduce blood pressure, improve your immune system, decrease eye strain and more. There is a lot of research which indicates that the number of people who rode every week or day increased by as much as 91% when an e-bike was used as oppose to a typical bike. When you use an e-bike only three times every week for 40 minutes per session, this was found to have a positive impact on blood sugar as well as cardiovascular fitness. 

Improved mental health – When you engage in more physical activities, this helps to improve your mental health and well being. For example, when you exercise, your body produces enkephalins and endorphins which help to improve mood, reduce anxiety and even reduce depression. 

Fewer issues with commuting – You no longer have to deal with rush hour traffic or even depend on public transport which all increase stress. When you transport yourself using a bicycle or e-bike, this helps you to get wherever you need to be, whenever you want. Since you don’t have to rely on a bus to take you from one station to the next, you can use your bike to get exactly where you need to be. This gives you a great deal of independence and flexibility. This improves your mental health since your e-bike can take you just about anywhere. Additionally, since it gives you a decent amount of exercise, it also helps to soothe your mind and clear your head. 

Riding is lots of fun – Gliding along on your e-bike while you watch the world go by, is definitely very enjoyable. It may even take you back many years ago when you were a kid. 

Helps the environment – When you use e-bikes, this actually helps the environment due to the fact that they don’ use any fuel and don’t release harmful gases into the air. E-bikes only run on batteries that can be easily recharged and they are very long lasting. 

Reduces air pollution – It should be noted that a vehicle can emit over 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year which is a lot of air pollution. However, e-bikes don’t emit any gases at all. In comparison to rail trains, e-bikes are 600 times more efficient. 

Rechargeable batteries – As mentioned before, the batteries that e-bikes use are rechargeable and they are also quite eco-friendly. They can even be charged using different forms of renewable energy sources and they also last quite long. 

Good for the roads – When you use an e-bike, they positively impact the condition of the road. Most other vehicles such as trucks, cars etc tend to damage the roads which results in them requiring more regular repair which is expensive and also has a negative impact on the environment. On the other hand, e-bikes don’t cause the roads to get damaged and helps to reduce road repairs frequency. 

Due to the fact that e-bikes don’t emit harmful gases, they are very eco-friendly and a fantastic form of transportation. 

E-bike Financial Benefits


When you look at the cost of typical bikes and e-bikes, you’ll wonder if e-bikes are worth the extra cost. Lower end e-bikes can cost you between 1000 to 1500 € and it isn’t wise to buy any e-bikes that are cheaper. Even though you may find cheaper bikes under this price range, they will likely be very low quality with poor batteries and you won’t have a good experience riding them. 

That said, you may not be considering buying an e-bike over a traditional bike but rather an e-bike over a motorcycle, scooter, car etc. When you compare the e-bike to the different forms of transport, e-bikes are definitely a great idea when you think about the expense and stress related to your other options. 

Public transport – When you look at the cost of using public transport, it can definitely add up when you’re using the metro, buses etc. 

2 wheel options – Next, you may be thinking about other options such as a motorcycle, scooter or even a moped. However, do consider that you not only have to buy one of these but also do licensing and registration, purchase insurance for it, spend money on gas etc. 

4 wheel options – In comparison to cars, you also have to purchase it, pay insurance, license, repair and maintain and even pay for parking. 

Saving Money

Buying an e-bike will save you money in the long term. It will also improve your fitness, mental health and well being. This in turn will reduce the number of doctor visits that you need. 

When you choose an e-bike, you will be doing yourself a favor since you won’t have to deal with chronic illnesses, expensive medication etc. It can help you to avoid paying expensive gym membership fees and keep more money in your pocket.

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