All Hallows Eve Rebirth | Short Horror Movie Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Following the success of Dolly v Eve: Homecoming which was released October 2021, we are proud to cover the world’s first review of the latest horror feature in the franchise entitled ‘All Hallows Eve Rebirth‘.

The latest 20min short horror film from Dean Midas and his team follows the death of Chloe Scott aka Eve Valentine was was shot dead on Halloween night.

This time around we witness the new chief inspector who whilst off duty receives a mystery call from ‘his new best friend’, which causes concerns for him as he has no idea who is on the end of the phone, but is told to head to a specific location.

Short Horror Movie Review

Don’t open the door

Right after we meet Anna, played by Freya Dhiman who is alone and waiting on room service to arrive, but as things become increasingly eerie, something doesn’t feel right when she takes a telephone call after refusing to open the door. You can feel what may be coming but there is a twist and she does put up a fight, but who will be the victor?

With a fantastic new cast on set for ‘All Hallows Eve Rebirth’, the latest in the short Horror film series will keep you guessing throughout: with tension, an ever thickening plot, besides the strange and frightening scenes which creates the feeling from one local that Eve is not from the dead, but still alive.

Is Eve still alive?

Was it tempting fate to have auctioned off the clothes that once belonged to the infamous Eve Valentine, and what proof do we have that she really did die as we were made to believe?

Another location change and surprise, a new spooky encounter.

‘Imaginative, spooky, real-life horror just gets bigger and better’ – Movie critic Mark Boardman.

Freya Dhiman: Anne (The daughter of the inspector) does open the door but who is it, the food order staff member from the establishment (the young actor plays the role down to a tee), or could it be the return of the myth of someone who would only make their appearance every Halloween?

We later hear “Things certainly feel strange this Halloween”, and we then begin to better understand that all is not as it appears, and that now all in authority including Officer Reid, played by Jason Redman know more than he is letting on?

All Hallows Eve Rebirth mark boardman

We celebrate and dissect the most terrifying moments after we witness cold murder, the question is: who is the suspect in custody for the first murder if not Eve or is it her? What weapons are being used? and are the leads flawed?

There seems to be no stopping the killer this year!

We then meet Inspector Gates but whose side is on also? Compton McDonald before he meets Eve is on edge, and seemingly unaware of what the evening has laying in wait. Could he be a survivor or too naive to accept the fact that this knightmare may never end.

Thrilling and scary at the same time

​Thrilling, edge of the seat writing, mixed with chilling music, fantastic sound effects really do set the scene.

Little touches including the face on the sunflower, to the sceptics who still do not believe in the annual horror make this a franchise that could go on and become something much bigger with a 90min version for global release.

With a message alert tone comes in you can feel the predicament as to whether you should look at the message or simply run away!

All Hallows Eve Rebirth Review
Poppy’s Patch Treehouse

The locations this time allow more of a mixture of scenes and the cast and crew again excel and lead you wanting more. From Poppy’s Patch Treehouse, Durham and The Dairy Barn, Crook, each location suits the scenes.

Did we discover who Eve really is? You will have to watch and find out. I can tell you that once the twenty minutes was up, it almost felt like that was just the introduction. The tales of survival that resonate thematically with horror audiences will enjoy this one and I would love to see what comes next!

Meet the cast:

Sam Lavery: Eve Valentine
Freya Dhiman: Anne (girl at the start)
Jason Redman: Officer Reid
Compton McDonald: Inspector Gates
Lee Rainbow: Chief Inspector
Ellie Dhiman: Dr Elliot
Becky Cooke: The Voice of Eve Valentine.
Emma Millen & Amy Oakden: News Voiceovers.
Radio Show Audio: Miss Annbag.

All Hallows Eve Rebirth markmeets
Writer, Producer and Director Dean Midas (Pictured above)

The film will be Premiered in Newcastle on 20th and released on the 21st October on YouTube.

MARKMEETS are proud to support British film making from local talent to the BFI and our team are frequenetly attending screenings, movie premieres and film festivals.

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