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Rochelle Humes regularly guest-hosts This Morning, and since 2019, she has co-presented the BBC game show The Hit List alongside husband Marvin Humes but what do the former singer in The Saturdays and the JLS star have to say about working together?

Rochelle and Marvin Humes dubbed ‘power couple’ are all over social media pages with their luxury lifestyle with a combined net worth of £9.4m.

Fans love them for their relaxed approach and obvious presenting chemistry, which has given them huge success alongside their wholesome family life. Here’s everything you need to know.

For those that have never watched The Hit List, can you tell viewers what the show is about?

Rochelle: Well first of all where have you been?! Secondly, it is the ultimate music quiz, it is a show for the whole family, it’s fun, it’s light, it’s that feel good telly that you will want to watch on a Saturday night.

Marvin: Everyone can get involved, we play music from across the decades, 70s, 80s, 90s, noughties, 10s and 20s, but like Roch said it’s feel good family entertainment. You’ll be shouting at the TV screen and you’ll want to apply for the show!

Are there any memorable moments you can tell us about from the new series?

Marvin: In the nineties special you can tell there was a lot of banter flying about between Westlife’s Brian McFadden and Boyzone’s Keith Duffy with the S Club guys and Lee from 911, obviously they’ve spent a lot of time on the road together so I feel like, as much as they love seeing each other again, there was a lot of banter…

Rochelle: It was quite a lot wasn’t it? At some points I was like ‘Is this ok? Do they know each other, to be bantering this much?’ but they seemed very friendly but it was like they were back on the tour bus together again. 

Are there any standout contestants this series?

Marvin: Yeah there is! Shaun and Ewan from Livingston, and I think it was Shaun that was the main one, you know every series we have one or two contestants that are literally like human Shazam… 

Rochelle: Yeah, like a robot brain!

Marvin: Just unbelievable, and most of the time they are quite young in their 20’s, so it’s really interesting that they know so many songs from decades where they weren’t even born. I remember we had one contestant who had the entire Now album collection, and she was only missing one of them on CD, and she won’t go on eBay and buy it, she’d have to go to like a charity shop or somewhere to find it. That was her purpose, to try and find this last CD… 

Rochelle: She likes the buzz of when she comes across the gem!

Marvin: You could tell that she was a massive music fan because she hadn’t long finished university and she knew everything it was unbelievable!

There are some brilliant celebrities later on in the series. What can you tell us about them and their episodes? 

Rochelle: We’ve got some great specials! I loved our show that we had with Judi Love and Charlene White I think there was such a good team, Judi just had us all in fits, so that was brilliant, a real sort of powerful female team. Their song selection wasn’t incredible, but for vibe and personality they were probably my favourite.

Marvin: Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and rugby star Ugo Monye, they were very funny, on the Strictly special. They weren’t the greatest in terms of their musical knowledge but the show was brilliant with them on it, just taking the mickey out of each other the whole time and the reaction when they got one right was so funny!

The nineties one was great, and the Christmas one is wicked with Mrs. Brown Boys, we had Fiona O’Carroll and Eilish O’Carroll from the O’Carroll family. It’s funny because they film Mrs. Brown’s Boys in Glasgow where we film The Hit List, so they obviously feel right at home up there, and they were really good as well. So there’s some really great celeb specials that we can’t wait for everybody to see.

What made you want to do The Hit List as a joint project?

Rochelle: It was just really important for us to work on a show together that we were both equally as passionate about, and obviously music is what we’re both known for and it’s something that we’ve always really bonded over, so it was just like a no brainer, really. 

Marvin: I was just desperate to work with Rochelle to be honest.

Rochelle: That’s not true!

Marvin: So it was the fact I got to work with my wife! 

Rochelle: He just likes to know where I am!

Marvin: Exactly!

If you played The Hit List, what music era would you both be the best and worst at?

Rochelle: My strongest would be 80s or 90s, probably 90s, my worst would be 50s and 60s.

Marvin: My best in all honesty will probably be now, or the 20s or the 10s. I’ve been on Capital Radio for 10 years now and my job is intros to records, do you know what I mean?

Rochelle: Yeah that’s so true, you’ve got an unfair advantage!

Marvin: So I feel like that would be my best and I guess 70’s is going to be my trickiest one.

Have The Saturdays or JLS ever come up on The Hit List?

Rochelle: They’ve both come up, but I don’t think they got either of them! They knew the song but they said different boy bands and different girls bands. I think it’s quite funny!

If you created your own Hit List, what songs would be on it?

Rochelle: For me anything that’s 90’s RNB, that’s a moment for me.

Marvin: I think on Rochelle’s Hit List would be This Will Be by Natalie Cole, it’s one of her favourite songs, Roch would also have Sister Sledge Thinking of You. 

Rochelle: Yeah that would be one of mine!

Marvin: And then for me, I would have Set Adrift on Memory Bliss by PM Dawn and I would also have a bit of Bob Marley maybe Three Little Birds, and then I think for Roch and I we would probably have to have a song from Encanto the Disney movie. 

Rochelle: Our kids are obsessed!

Marvin: All of our kids love it, even Blake sings along to it.

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