Could Your Personality Be An Indicator Of Your Ideal Career? Let’s Discuss

Our careers are such important aspects of our lives. If we have to work, for one reason or another, then you might agree that a huge proportion of our time is spent doing it. The reasons we do it will be different for everyone. It might be that you love and feel passionate about what you do. It could be simply a means to an end, providing you with an income to pay the bills and do what you want in life. It could be because you didn’t know what you wanted to do and you just fell into the job that has now become your success story. 

But what if you have a job that you don’t love? What if your job barely pays the bills and you want more? What if it doesn’t provide you with the right lifestyle, or gives you the chance to spend time with your family? Not all of us are lucky to be in our ideal job situation and could be looking for change. So if this sounds like you, do you know what you want to do? With that in mind, here are some common personality traits that could provide you with the biggest hint to your ideal career. I hope it gives you the inspiration that you crave. 

Ideal Career

Do you have a caring nature?

Do you like to care for people? Perhaps you are always the one to cook up food for a neighbour that has just moved in near by. Maybe you are the one that takes care of sick friends or relatives. The one that picks children up after school when your friend can’t make it. You clearly have a caring nature which could mean a career in care could be ideal for you. It might mean working with elderly patients, helping them remain independent in their home and checking in on them or working with children who need care and support. 

Do you want to help people?

On a side note from caring for people you may have an urge to help them in some way, and this could mean that a more specific career, perhaps in healthcare, in a hospital environment or nursing could be the career for you. Often specific qualifications and degrees is needed before you can take on these types of job roles, but learning and gaining the knowledge may help you cement the decision for your chosen career even more so. 

Are you good with money?

Maybe you are good with money. Perhaps you have an eye for deals when it comes to your finances, are great at budgeting and finding the best deals. Training as a financial advisor could be the one for you. This could mean that you become a specialist in insurance products or investment plans. It might mean that you specialise in mortgages or other financial products. Or even set up a website discussing ways to save money, make extra on the side and your general experience in budgeting and tips. 

Do you enjoy keeping fit and healthy?

Maybe you have a passion for your health and your fitness. Perhaps undergone a recent transformation physically and mentally when it comes to your health and your fitness. Then maybe a career helping others to do the same could be on the cards. Perhaps you could become a physical trainer. Where should help people on their fitness journey. It could be that you focus on diet and nutrition and specialise in this area. Or maybe combining both in some way. Even working in that sort of environment like a gym could be an ideal career option. 

Are you focused?

For some people, they just have a knack of being focused and able to do things that requires concentration. So this is when a career in the airline industry could be worth a look. You could look into training to become a pilot, where not only do you need to be focused on operating the plane, but also having the responsibility of all passengers on board. This is when you may want to look into universities that offer flight training to see if this could be a choice for you. However, it isn’t just the job of a polio that you can consider, also working at the airport or in air traffic control could be an option for you. 


Are you able to work on your initiative?

Not all career options require you to work for someone. Perhaps you have enough drive and ambition to make it happen yourself. Maybe you have the initiative to work for yourself and start your own business or freelance career. It can take a lot of courage to do this, but if you enjoy a particular industry, have the necessary skills then there is no reason why you couldn’t work for yourself to make a difference to your career and working life. Many people who start their own businesses go on to become big successes. It could be the ideal way to do something you love while still striking that balance between working and home life. 

Are you creative?

Maybe you see yourself as a bit of a creative. Perhaps someone who has a flair for detail or the written word. There are so many possibilities of a career when you have a creative flare. Writing for starters is one of the best options. Either becoming a copywriter, working freelance or writing a book. It could be that you love to capture images which would then indicate a career in photography. Capturing weddings, creating perfect family snaps or captivating nature at its finest. The options are endless and a creative career could be done by employed by someone or a venture you set up yourself. 

Have you got a flare for tech?

Finally, if you have a flare for technology then you are never to be short of career options. Tech is advancing on a daily rate, and so feel comfortable with that and having a knowledge of systems and conning could spell a career in many different ways including web development, digital agencies and engineering. 

Let’s hope that this has given you something to think about when it comes to what you are good at and what career might suit those skills best. 


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