HARVEY is the featured artist for February 2014 at MarkMeets

Introducing the amazingly talented Harvey Cantwell. The British 15 year old  singer and heart-throb has mass public appeal and big plans for 2014.

HARVEY is set to be the next big teen sensation having been listed as one of our stars to watch for 2014 at MarkMeets and with many gigs under his belt; including a performance at London’s 02 Islington, he is certainly earning his stripes!!

Having promoted some of today’s best known and hottest music acts from when they began their journey, we’re pleased to showcase the amazing talent of solo star: Harvey.


HARVEY featured artist for February 2014 at MarkMeets.com

At UK entertainment website MarkMeets, our passion, online presence and reputation for promoting fresh new talent offers artists a great platform to be seen and heard by the public, media and fellow artists.

Harvey decided from a young age that he needed to put the work in, taking the traditional route into the music industry to gain the experience needed to sustain a successful career.

Discovered on Facebook at the end of 2012 and now managed by Blair of (East 17) fame, Harvey has an amazing future ahead of him. His motto is “Aim High and Achieve Higher”.

His early music covers include hits by One Direction, Trey Songz and Adele! Being at School still, Harvey gets a lot of support from his friends and family to pursue his dreams.

HARVEY‘s stunning debut video for ‘Thank You’ debuted on ‘The Hits Radio’ last month and now he chats with our editor Mark Boardman in a new exclusive interview.

What are your favourite lyrics from your song ‘Thank You’?
I need you in my life, baby girl I’m positive, let’s just have fun and take a rollercoaster ride.

Was making a music video harder work than expected?
Yes it was hard work, but I loved it and the hard work was all worth it

How did you feel getting played on The Hits?
Didn’t feel real, but it felt special being the first air play

Do fans ask you to post selfie’s or do you just get an urge to post them online?
I get an urge to post them, I like thinking up new poses and backgrounds

When can we expect more new music from you?
Very soon, I have been working on new stuff

Would you ever go on Big Brother?
Maybe but not sure it would be a good career move

What is the most played albums you own?
The Now albums

harvey singer

Harvey has the stage presence of a seasoned performer and his vocals are incredible

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Justin Timberlake, Craig David, Beyonce

Which acts will make it big this year?
Overload, bars and melody, and me lol.
Yes, I’ve was turned away from a 15 film about 2 months ago

Which celebs would you most like to take out on a date?
Miley Cyrus

What was the last text message you sent?
To my mum, asking her to get me a glass of water

How long could you go without tweeting? or is that an impossible task?
An hour tops, then I start missing my fans

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You can find links to follow HARVEY on Twitter, Facebook and on Youtube further below.

[dropcap] HARVEY – THANK YOU [/dropcap]

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HARVEY will be doing a takeover on @MarkMeets later this month so get your questions ready!!

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