Blue member Simon Webb says Lee Ryan is not very good with attention

Blue member Simon Webbe has revealed that his bandmate Lee Ryan is “finding it hard” to deal with the reaction to his time on Celebrity Big Brother.

The singer has received death threats over his love triangle with fellow housemates Jasmine Waltz and Casey Batchelor.

Blue’s Simon Webb says Lee Ryan finding CBB attention hard | MarkMeets boyband News |

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Webbe has claimed that Ryan is “not very good with attention”.

Speaking to Digital Spy: “He’s not very good with attention, Lee. He’s finding it hard at the minute.

“He’s come straight out of [CBB] and there’s paparazzi stood outside his house.

“We haven’t had that for years. So to go back to that is like, ‘Wow’.”

Simon said Celebrity Big Brother producers made Ryan out to the baddie, even though he was popular with heir fellow housemates.

He said: “With the whole love triangle thing, I think Big Brother straight away had something that they knew they could manipulate.

“Lee was the jolly, chappy lad in the house. As soon as he left, the moods went down – it wasn’t as funny.”

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