Luke Evans stars in ‘A Copper’s Tale’ Xmas TV feature

Luke Evans has admitted he sees a bit of himself in Great Train Robber Bruce Reynolds, who he is playing on the small screen.

The Hollywood star plays Reynolds in a special BBC two-parter – titled A Robber’s Tale and A Copper’s Tale – about the gang that targeted the August Bank Holiday mail train in 1963, running off with the equivalent of over £40 million today.

Luke Evans
Luke Evans stars in ‘A Copper’s Tale’ Xmas TV feature

Luke revealed he would’ve loved the chance to meet the robber – who led the gang – but he passed away in February, aged 81.

The actor said: “He could’ve been many things, because he was very capable in many different fields, but he chose to be a criminal – and he became one of the best.

“It felt like I knew him slightly,” he added. “Bruce was a great writer and he was always very adventurous in his ideas, a visionary – and I liked that about him. I saw a bit of myself in the young Bruce.”

Luke, 34, had been focusing on film but having seen the great drama being produced for TV, he “wanted to be part of it”.

“Then this came along and I thought the script was brilliant,” he said. “There are a lot of fantastic characters and hopefully we do them all justice.

“I feel very responsible, even more so now Bruce has passed on. I just want to bring the story that captured everyone’s imagination to life on its 50th anniversary.”

A Robber’s Tale focuses on the robbery and its aftermath and a second film detailing the police hunt, A Copper’s Tale, will air the following night.

“There were some fantastic characters on the police side and, in a way, the robbers mirrored the coppers. Some of them were leaders and some of them were followers, so when it goes out on the screen, people will be able to see the similarities between the both sides,” Luke said.

:: A Robber’s Tale airs on BBC One on Wednesday, December 18, and A Copper’s Tale airs on Thursday, December 19.

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