The Flamenco Festival Returns to London this July

The Flamenco Festival returns to Sadler’s Wells this Summer bringing two-weeks of Andalusian culture to the UK capital.London’s dance enthusiasts are in for a treat as the highly anticipated Flamenco Festival returns to Sadler’s Wells Theatre and Lilian Baylis Studio from Wednesday 5 to Saturday 15 July. This two-week extravaganza promises to immerse audiences in the vibrant world of flamenco, showcasing a diverse range of performances that celebrate the rich heritage and evolution of this captivating art form.Kicking off the festival is the extraordinary Sara Baras (5-9 July), an Olivier Award-winning dancer and choreographer known for her mesmerising performances. Baras takes the stage during the first week with her production “Alma,” a love letter to flamenco’s origins. Combining classical elements with her own modern touch, Baras pays homage to flamenco’s techniques while infusing bolero rhythms into her captivating routines. Supported by an ensemble cast and a live band, Baras promises to deliver an unforgettable opening act.

Here are some more highlights of the festival:

  • Vicente Amigo (10 July) has been dubbed one of the most accomplished flamenco guitarists of his generation. He presents a concert that pushes flamenco’s boundaries, drawing from cultural inspirations worldwide – fusing jazz, folk and South American rhythms. Amigo is seen as a successor to the composer and flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía.
  • Olga Pericet (11 July), winner of Spain’s National Dance Prize 2018, returns to the Flamenco Festival with a new solo, La Leona, in which she strips herself physically and spiritually for an intimate experience with the audience. Pericet’s free interpretation combines theatre and dance in a poetic and surreal world filled with imagery that evokes Westerns, wakes and the stars. La Leona – “the lioness” alludes to both the animal and Antonio De Torres’ iconic guitar. Seen as the most important guitar maker of the 19th century, De Torres’ model La Leona inspired the modern classical guitar as it is known today.
  • Estévez & Paños (12 July) Spain’s National Dance Award 2019 winning duo, presents La Confluencia, a voyage into flamenco’s history. Showcasing the versatility of the male flamenco dancer with five performers and a live soundscape, this interpretation of the roots of flamenco codes brings together the heritage of the many people that lived in Andalusia. Iberian, Roma, Jewish and African cultures that influenced flamenco are woven together with power and delicacy.
  • Mercedes de Córdoba (13 July) presents Sí, quiero, a declaration of what she wants from the world and a production that celebrates life itself. Meaning “Yes, I do”, this piece sees Córdoba and a cast of female flamenco dancers create their own wedding ceremony. Wrapped in gowns and showered with petals, the nuptial celebrations offer moments of calm and passion, hope and madness.
  • Gala Flamenca (14 & 15 July) is the anticipated intergenerational all-male production featuring Manuel Liñán, Alfonso de Losa, El Yiyo and Carrete de Málaga. Liñán, known for subverting gender roles, returns to Sadler’s Wells with his signature flair after the acclaimed ¡VIVA! in 2022, with Alfonso de Losa, a Festival de Jerez Critic’s Choice Award winner. The two carry their reputation as mavericks of the flamenco world to look past gender in this piece and project all of flamenco’s history onto their own bodies. They are joined by 27-year-old talent Miguel Fernández Ribas, known as El Yiyo – a rising star in flamenco. Born into a Roma family in Cataluña, he is known for his remarkable dancing and rhythmic foot-stomping. Gala Flamenca’s cast is completed by special guest Carrete de Málaga, the 83-year-old talent known as “the Gypsy Fred Astaire”.

In addition to the main stage shows, there will also be a series of intimate dance and music pieces in the Lilian Baylis Studio. These include:

Manuel Liñan’s new work Muerta de Amor (12 July), which explores one’s need for loving relationships.
Julio Ruiz and Javier De La Asunción’s Tocar a un hombre (14 July), a duet that explores languages of touch, sensation and feeling.
Rafael Riqueni’s Herencia (12 July), a guitar concert that showcases the distinctive style of this acclaimed flamenco guitarist.
Nino Josele’s Galaxias (14 July), a visionary blend of flamenco and traditional jazz.
Albéniz Flamenco (15 July), an intimate tribute to the work and legacy of composer Isaac Albéniz, presented by two of the most respected guitarists in recent decades.inks:

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