Vic and Bob: We just got lucky

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer claim their long and successful comedy career is all down to luck.

The double act have worked together since the late 80s and in the 90s fronted a string of successful shows including Shooting Stars which was brought back for three more series in 2008. The comedy duo have now co-written and star in a new sitcom called House Of Fools.

Vic and Bob: We just got lucky | MarkMeets Celebrity Interview |

Asked what the secret to their longevity is, Bob said: “Do you know, it’s just luck. It’s all luck. Will luck be on its side, will lady luck… Same with House Of Fools, with a bit of luck it’ll be alright.”

The new six-part BBC series is set in Bob Mortimer’s home, with every episode seeing Bob frustrated by his uninvited lodgers, visitors and guests.

But the 54-year-old comedian admitted his two children don’t find him funny, even when he tries to be.

Bob said: “My kids are a bit grim. I try to [make them laugh] but they’re not willing to. Every time I try to be funny they say ‘Oh this guy!’. It’s something the kids do.”

And Vic, who has two children from his first marriage and seven-year-old twin girls with wife Nancy Sorrell, revealed he despaired at the American TV shows his older kids watched.

He said: “My kids watch a lot of American young teen sitcoms, where they really don’t like British people. If you ever get a British person they’ve always got a big wart with hair on it and bad teeth and they’re really mean.”

“So they watch those things and get an opinion of British people that is unjudgmental…” he quipped.

House Of Fools begins on BBC Two on January 14.

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