What are the best specializations in Tech?

A Master of Technology (M. Tech) is the most popular post-graduate engineering degree. An M. Tech from a reputed university can boost your career prospects in the relevant domain and provide you with specialized knowledge of the concerning subject.

As obvious, an M. Tech degree can have multiple specializations owing to the plenitude of engineering disciplines in the country. You can explore multiple specializations from different universities as per your preferences.

Here are some trending engineering disciplines that are available as M. Tech specialization in the country.

1.    Aeronautical engineering: Aeronautical engineering involves the innovations and development of technologies associated with aircraft, missiles, and spaceships. These days, the stream has been renamed a broader term, ‘aerospace engineering.’ As an aeronautical engineering graduate, you can go on to work in-flight technology, aircraft, and design, astronomical instrumentation, and missile design.

2.    Automotive engineering: In this M. Tech specialization, students learn about the development and scientific principles behind different tools, machinery, and equipment used in automobiles like cars, trucks, mopeds, and buses. With electric cars and auto-driven vehicles leading the future of the automotive industry, this domain can provide a lot of exciting career options.

3.    Biochemical engineering: Biochemical engineering is a subset of chemical engineering and technology that uses bio-organisms. The engineering discipline deals with the construction and development of tools and machinery that use bio-organisms or molecules to accomplish different tasks like generate fuel or secrete medically relevant compounds. Biochemical engineering has a lot of applications in domains like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and sustainable development.

4.    Biomedical engineering: Biomedical engineering involves the usage of engineering knowledge and techniques for the development and creation of medical tools and technologies. The subject combines the problem-solving approach of engineering sciences with the analytical nature of medicine to improve patient care. The subject can be further divided into different subjects like biomechanics, medical imaging, bioinformatics, bio-engineering, and 3D medical modeling.

5.     Chemical engineering: Chemical engineering applies the rules of physics and mechanics to the creation of artificial chemical compounds that can be useful for humankind. Chemical engineering has been responsible for the availability of many modern chemicals including preservatives, perfumes, cosmetics, drugs, petroleum products, and different kinds of plastics.

6.    Civil engineering: Civil engineering is one of the most mainstream engineering disciplines and revolves around the construction of man-made structures like buildings, skyscrapers, and bridges. As civil engineering graduates, you can explore high-paying careers in domains like real estate, the construction industry, and infrastructure development.

Other types of specializations in M. Tech programs include computer engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, power systems, and agricultural engineering.

Selecting the right specialization can ensure that you remain interested in your career till you retire and are emotionally and mentally satisfied with your work life. Therefore, invest in a good M. Tech program with the specialization of your choice today to take your engineering career off the ground.

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