Funny Moments When Celebrities Interrupt Each Other During Red Carpet Interviews


Red carpet events such as film premieres see a-list stars interviewed but sometimes things can go wrong or celebs get starstruck!

There is a lot of pomp and decorum when it comes to red carpet events. Celebrities tend to abide by these sort of unwritten yet universally understood rules. It seems that one of those rules is to walk at a steady pace to avoid bumping into each other and probably to get some attention from the cameras too. But that rule also helps to prevent stars from crashing each other’s red carpet interviews and photo ops. At least that’s what one might assume.

The truth is accidents happen, celebrities are people, and people are accident-prone and occasionally awkward. Sometimes stars will crash each other’s interviews to have a bit of fun, but normally red carpet events are more reserved and all about the photo ops, but they are also about the PR and a good “WTF” red carpet moment always creates headlines. Some of these celebs are repeat offenders, and others got turned into viral memes.

8 Tom Hiddleston And Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman made this list twice, just an FYI. Kidman briefly interrupted Tom Hiddleston during an interview at the Golden Globes. While talking about one of his shows, Kidman insertsed herself in between Hiddleston and the host and quipped, “That’s enough. Enough talking!” Hiddleston was at first taken aback a bit but soon realized Kidman was doing a bit and he quickly joined in. He then conducted a quick impromptu interview with Kidman, it was awkward for a second but everyone laughed it off.

7 Whitney Houston And Adrian Anderson

In a moment that is a bit sadder in retrospect, the late diva interrupted gospel star Adrian Anderson during a Grammy red carpet interview she was doing in 2012. The interruption was brief and quickly written off. Perhaps it should have been a red flag, Houston died that year after a long struggle with addiction.

6 Tiffany Haddish And Daniel Kaluuya

In a far more light-hearted moment, Haddish stormed the stage as Michael Strahan and Daniel Kaluuya were wrapping up a conversation at the 2018 Oscars. The pair was discussing your typical pre award show topics, the possibility of winning Kaluuya’s past movies, that sort of thing. Then in burst the famously fambloyant Tiffany Haddish yelling, “The Queen of Eritrea has arrived!” Haddish then did a little jig and got a good laugh out of everyone.

5 Nicole Kidman And Sandra Bullock

Kidman strikes again. The Batman Forever star interrupted Miss Congeniality at the 2018 Oscars, it seems like this is Kidman’s idea of good-natured ribbing. Bullock was immediately onto her friend. “She’s doing it again…Nicole Kidman always butts into my stuff,” Bullock said. They then hugged and reminisced about their 1998 film together, Practical Magic. For the record, because Bullock said, “She’s doing it again,” this means that she and probably other celebs, have come to expect this kind of thing from the Australian actress. Nicole Kidman will have to figure out some new ways to get into her friends’ conversations if she wants to keep the bit fresh.

4 Megan Thee Stallion And Cara Delevingne

During Megan Thee Stallion’s photo op at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. Stallion was doing the typical pose for pictures before interviews thing, and a sunglass-clad Cara Delevingne popped up in the background. Although it was a confusing and probably an annoying moment for everyone watching, it didn’t cause any beef. It turns out Delevingne was helping Stallion snap some good pictures, according to Cosmopolitan. Cara Delevingne has an interesting track record of viral red carpet moments, such as her “Peg the Patriarchy” outfit for the 2021 Met Gala.

3 Zendaya And Timothee Chalamet

At the tumultuous 2022 Oscars, (Google Will Smith / Chris Rock to learn more) Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet had a funny red carpet moment. Zendaya hyped Chalamet’s outfit for the evening. She inserted herself into the conversation with a “What’s up? Okay!” and then pointed to Chalamet’s outfit. A smiling Chalamet was clearly flattered. Chalamet was wearing a cropped white shirt and a silver skirt underneath a Louis Vuitton jacket, in case anyone was wondering.

2 Jason Momoa And Henry Cavill

This moment quickly turned into one of the most popular memes on the internet. While posing for pictures and waving to fans, preparing for an inevitable red carpet interview, a smiling Cavill was blissfully unaware that Jason Momoa was barreling down on him with a big bear hug. After the surprise embrace, the pair had a quick chat. The shot of Momoa sneaking up on Cavill has been used as a template for all kinds of jokes, and it will likely live on forever in the ether of the internet.

1 Jack Nicholson And Jennifer Lawrence

Nicholson has always been famously suave with women, and a much younger Jennifer Lawrence almost succumbed to that charm after winning her Academy Award for Silver Linings Playbook. While discussing her new success, Nicholson accidentally photobombed the interview, which delighted the visibly star-struck Lawrence.

The pair began to flirt for a quick moment. “You look like an old girlfriend,” Nicholson quipped while congratulating the actress. “Oh, not a new girlfriend,” fired back Lawrence with perfect timing. Nicholson laughed and just said, “No, I thought about it though,” then walked away. The famously goofy Jennifer Lawrence proceeded to giggle for several seconds before regaining her composure. Hey Jack, ya still got it!

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