How to walk the red carpet, according to a journalist

Every morning, you can open your computer to find new photos of celebrities on the red carpet from the night before. From movie premieres to record releases, art exhibition openings, and more, these press opportunities are an essential part of some of the most successful advertising campaigns.

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Looking for advice on how to navigate this process? Whether you are attending an event promoting your own project or being invited as a guest, you should make the most of this opportunity. Here are five tips that can help you walk the red carpet in style. 

1. Be prepared. By nature, red carpet events are always unpredictable to some extent. Many pieces of work need to be coordinated with each other, each part can fail at any time. Just by knowing this and preparing properly in advance, you can avoid many problems. One thing you should always do is research the event, its purpose, the organizations involved, the organizers, etc. This is how you will know what you are telling journalists. While any question can be asked, the three most common are “What made you go out tonight?” “What are you doing right now?” (or “What do you have next?”) and “Where can we find you?” (social networks, websites, etc.). So you should keep in mind the answers to at least three of these questions. If your journalist has arranged interviews for you, they can often give you an idea of additional questions a particular reporter might ask. Other important things to know are the dress code, carpeting hours (when opening and closing), where you’re going, and parking conditions.

2. Arrive on time. Carpets are opened for a certain amount of time before an event. And the press will also only stay for a limited time (and are sometimes known to leave soon). As a rule of thumb, unless you’re given an exact arrival time, plan to arrive at the opening hours of the rug. Consider traffic, parking, location of recording stations and general unpredictability. Another option is Uber or a limo ride.

3. Be patient. At the top of the rug, you’ll have a spokesperson with you to introduce you to the photographers and escort you onto the rug, or you can have someone designated do it. A well-run stack will be well-paced, meaning there will be a “buffer” between each talent. This is so that the rug doesn’t “run away”. In fact, there’s no point in rushing to move on. While this sounds pretty reasonable right now, when you’re in the middle of all the activity and excitement at the top of the mat, you can tend to get confused. So keep that in mind when you walk in, listen to your designated journalist or manager, follow their lead, and be patient.

4. Be yourself. The format of the press stream was first photographers, then journalists. For both, it’s important to be yourself. The camera has a way of magnifying. They can detect almost anything, even when you’re nervous (or chewing gum!). If you’re new to the mat, practice posing in front of a mirror. Research how Alisters pose, what you like and don’t like. And when talking to reporters, be yourself rather than something you think you should be. This will make the interview easier

5. Talk to reporters. Some think they need to talk to the camera during an interview. But unless you’re specifically asked to do so – (a direct “shout” into the camera, usually at the end of an interview) – speaking in front of the camera actually keeps the reporter out of the conversation. . This may sound rude and not a comfortable and engaging interview. You want to be there with the journalist, talk to him, listen and understand his questions and respond spontaneously. You must also answer honestly. In other words, if you don’t know what is being asked, there’s no point in “trying” to answer. It sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Instead, keep it light, find an organic way to say you don’t know, and move on. Click to know more details about red carpet events.

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