London film premieres – All you need to know

London film premieres until recent times were a regular occurrence for movie goers and celebrity fans in the capital with many of the red carpet events taking place in Leicester square, London on a weekly basis.

These showbiz galas saw many leading cast members of the movie attend the grand movie premier alongside a range of celebrities from boybands to singers, reality stars and more famous faces besides invited guests including media folk and a handful of competition winners who would stroll down the red carpet ending up in the cinema to watch the first showing of the much anticipated hit movie.

Fans of films, celebs and star gazers would turn up to watch the London film premiere take place as the stars arrive in their S class Mercedes (laid on by the film distribution promoters) in the heart of the capital in Leicester square, to one of the main cinemas with the Odeon being the preferred choice for the larger film releases.

As a rule the movies which have a blockbuster cast or cult status IE trilogies of popular films would almost be guaranteed a premiere upon the movie release a month before being shown in cinemas nationally; these would include Harry Potter, Pirate of the Caribbean and the James Bond movies which are all good example of this fact.

Our team at MarkMeets have been on all sides of the fence from watching the event unfold as the stars meet the public for autographs, handshakes, questions and selfies to interviewing the talent in the press pen (Very hard to get until unless you have proven yourself in the word of media) like we have over the 20 years in the industry having also organised and promoted dozens of events  – you can see multiple examples of just some of our many interviews with celebrities on our youtube channel.

Over the years you will have witnessed Tom Cruise arrive for a premiere knowing that he will sign for 2 hours or Bruce Willis who will outright refuse 99% of the time; however they all will happily pose and meet fans and gee up the crowd…besides it’s not often you see a A-lister right??

These days more than ever celebs love a good photo opportunity and to their meet fans and many will regularly frequent the red carpet like a second home include stars from Justin Bieber, One Direction, Jennifer Lawrence, Lady gaga, JLS, Beyonce, Will Smith and many more who have all be very popular with fans attending. Many of the public who attend like you or me would have been planning travel to the event which you probably would have seen advertised on our site (This is how we started…prompting the London film premieres and our founder Mark Boardman posting info on upcoming gigs and signings too having met thousands of stars and starring on numerous TV and radio shows over the past 15 years. Much of this content was on our old website platform and is sadly no longer online for readers and autograph collectors to enjoy.

Once the whole red carpet walk is complete having mingled with everyone who turns up (This could be crowd numbers from 200 to 3000+ people dependant on the location and film title and cast (who then will be directed throughout the few hours from multiple publicists) to ensure the stars have some quality camera time answering questions by the invited press in order to promote the film…this is the whole exercise and quite a costly one to organise with all the carpet, security and rigging of the equipment from speaker, lighting and sets – ultimately the extravaganza is designed to to put the movie release into everyone’s awareness and sell tickets.

So how do you get on the red carpet at a film premiere? Be in the film, invited media, a showbiz guru, have a agent (If you are famous), be well connected or win a competition. We have assisted many people secure a place on the red carpet over the years.

Be the first on the premier scene and in the know by following our posts and social media including our UK Film Premiere brand UKFILMPREMIERES or on social media: Follow UKFILMPREMIERES on Facebook or Twitter

How do you get in the audience, so to speak? For the most part tickets are available on the day for the larger events to ensure crowd safety of just rock up ensuring you are well equipped…a coat and a drink on cold and wet days. We advise against large bags and umbrellas to avoid spoiling peoples experience. Most of all it’s alot of fun and you can meet some great friends and take a story home to tell.

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