Tips When Attending Red Carpet Events As A Fan

Here at MarkMeets we write about music festivals, film premieres and also get asked daily to inteview movie stars, musicians and tv stars about upcoming shows, gigs etc.

Besides providing content to hundred of sites every day, to booking talent, we provide a range of media services as well as helping fans get close to the stars, but listing events is start a start.

Yes it’s fun to get asked how we get to meet and greet all these celebrities and attend red carpet events but it’s a daily routine for us. From arranging book signings to inviting guests to events, our 8 strong team are busy 24/7.

Fan wise, you can turn up most of the time at premieres and view all the action from behind the barriers, or arrive early and pick up a wristband. Well, mostly it’s about knowing where to be and when and being prepared to queue for a very long time. It’s usually several hours, sometimes even a day or two before when some details are comfirmed or ticket allocation is confirmed. It’s pretty similar to going to film set: you’ll have to be prepared to do three things: long waits, disappointments and being nice to your fellow fans.

  1. Be patient as there is alot of handing around so be prepared to Queue

The home of events are vert different from TV award shows, music meet and greets to movies, but for film premieres in particular they are often held in Leicester Square, London and an evening affair for premieres and screenings with royal galas staged at the Royal Albert Hall.

No matter what day, multiple showbiz events take place with a handful of fans arriving early to form a orderly queue to get good spots as close to the red carpet as possible (Plan how you will get there, the tube is a good best and a little walk in London but you may be travelling in by train).

For the biggest events, you’d normally have to stay around to hold on to your spot through the night. Other times you might be fine just by being there a couple of hours beforehand. It all depends how popular the franchise / film / event is among the most enthusiastic of fans.

Cannes Film Fest Expecting 90% Of Industry To Attend In Person

  1. Pack Snacks And Approriate Clothes

We do not recommend camping and many location prohibit this. Some people pack a small blanket, water bottle and some crisps and nuts for emergencies. Usually, if you spend a lot of time queueing for an event, you’re allowed to leave the queue as long as everyone knows their spot. This time (and many other times) the first fans on the spot will organize a queue number system, so it’s pretty easy getting everyone organized and in their own spots when the time comes.

  1. Red carpet events are better with friendly people

Join the queue early in the morning and get to know people, have a hot flask of tea/coffee or water with you and start networking as mingling with like minded people is fun and you may learn something. Believe me – even if you’re not a friend of smalltalk and feel awkward about it, it’s going to be even worse if you don’t talk to people. After all, you’re in it together. All night, all day, probably. As usual, you will meet a lot of lovely people during the day. Helped pass the time, too! Minutes turned into hours, a handful of people turned into a bigger crowd, and all the while we were mostly concentrating on staying warm and dry. Keep yourself entertaine and snap a few photos. Stay dry, remember to drink & eat.

The weather is unpredictable if you are travelling into London so plan ahead.

4. Enjoy the results

Around 3pm the security people may begin to let fans into the cosy pen that were being buillt around the red carpet all day. And then, back to waiting. So the barriers are up, press on hand (photographers and interviewers), the PR folk and security are around and now the stars of the movie and invited guests will begin to arrivw one by one, posing for press photos. The fans often want photos, autographs to will shout their names happily and some lucky ones even got selfies and autographs.

Once the last guests arrived and make their way into the theatre, the fans will depart, the starts will get interviewe inside before later heading to the afterparty.

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