Automated trading and the celebrities that use it for their profits

Automated trading and trading bots are quickly becoming the future of cryptocurrency. Where human traders might not always follow their trading rules or struggle with their own emotional responses, automated trading bots remove these factors and replace them with the (literal) iron will of a machine.

Bitcoin, Celebrities and Bots

Since its mysterious inception, Bitcoin has become much more than the people’s investment option. Hundreds of celebrities ranging from sports stars to entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to have a stance and try their hand at investing capital in the token.

Why do celebs use trading bots?

Naturally, they would also be the sort to use Bitcoin trading bots. Having the busy schedule that comes with international stardom doesn’t really allow you to check your investments every day. With this, let’s check out some of the celebrities that maximised their profits.

Celebrity Endorsements and Research

Despite endorsements from the rich and famous, it is always best to do your own research. This is to avoid any potential FTX-style fallout that follows people blindly following celebrity support. Find a trusted website that specializes in and vets the vast bitcoin bot offering to find the best choice for you. Regardless, read through our three picks for celebrities who use trading bots.

3. Elon Musk

The world’s richest man. Although this should be enough of a title for the titular leader of Tesla and the pioneer of a technocratic future, Mr Musk is also a truly prominent figure in the crypto space. His firm purchased over 1 billion worth of Bitcoin in 2021, later selling a majority of it.

Cryptocurrency as a whole have been endorsed by Musk as he believes that “paper money is going away.” Many of the world’s largest firms utilize automated trading, and Tesla would be no different, still holding around 10,500 coins worth roughly $176M in today’s climate.

2. Mike Tyson

‘The baddest man in the world’, Mike Tyson is also something of a financial enigma. The retired professional boxer invested heavily in some of its earliest years after declaring bankruptcy in his early career. As such, he rode the crypto wave through all of its turbulence.

In many ways, Tyson came before the advent of automated trading. Regardless, his portfolio and NFT adventures have weathered the storm, likely due to the adoption of crypto trading bots that assist in weathering even the most volatile crypto markets.

1. Mark Cuban

One of the sharks on ‘Shark Tank,’ Mark is an on-and-off crypto investor, putting large investments into nd suggesting others do the same before subsequently swearing off investment later on in the same year.

It is unsurprising that Mark Cuban would also utilize a bot to manage some parts of his portfolio. Although Cuban is an investor by nature and a certified fan of innovation, even billionaires need a little help to keep them level in uncertain crypto markets.

Should I use a trading bot?

Automated trading is an excellent addition to your larger investment practices.  While it won’t replace all of your investing, it will help out with those tough periods of economic uncertainty that cause the crypto market to unfortunately swing wildly.

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