Bitcoin news: Starting on the path to higher prices and what that means for the market

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has experienced quite a difficult year in 2022, unlike anything it had previously dealt with. The plummeting prices were particularly easy to notice in the context of the elevated values of 2020 and 2021. Since the beginning of the current year, values have been on an ascending path, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

While investor engagement has remained high, many traders have also sold large portions of their portfolios during the crisis to protect themselves against further capital loss. Several financial institutions and banks having to cease operations have also been particularly challenging for Bitcoin. And when Bitcoin is affected, the entire digital market is affected.

Although the Bitcoin price has climbed substantially over the past months, there’s still quite a long way to go until it regains its previous values. According to analysts, however, this is the preferable option, as a sudden pricing spike would cause increasing concerns for the stability and sustainability of the market in the long term.

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Bitcoin’s surge 

The amassed market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies has reached its highest level since June 2022, owing mainly to Bitcoin’s 70% rally since the beginning of 2023. The changes are all the more noteworthy given the current context in which the digital asset market operates, with significant crackdown efforts. The possibility of stricter regulations that are soon to be enforced didn’t deter investors, and the overall digital tokens market cap has climbed to nearly $1.20 trillion, compared to $800 billion in January 2023.

Bitcoin’s overall market share has also returned stronger than ever, reaching a nine-month high of nearly 50%. This shows without a doubt that BTC remains the uncontested king of the crypto environment and that altcoins still have a long way to go if they hope to achieve its level.

Luxury products 

Although paying with cryptocurrencies isn’t yet a widespread practice, it seems that an ever-growing number of retailers are bound to include this solution in their products. Recently, the American fashion brand Ralph Lauren, known for producing premium and luxury products, announced its intention to make Bitcoin payments available for customers.

The brand has also been experimenting with Web3 solutions, including digital clothing lines and joined forces with popular gaming platforms such as Fortnite. These changes have begun in the context of the brand looking to branch out and expand its appeal to the younger consumer demographic. The metaverse and latest technologies are likely to draw in the young crowds and make teenagers and young adults eager to try out the brand’s goods. 

Gucci has also recently joined forces with Yuga Labs, the non-fungible token developers specializing in collectibles and digital media. Their collaboration is expected to put forward a collection of exclusive jewelry and NFTs, blurring the lines between the physical and cyber worlds.

Illicit activities 

In 2022, several cryptocurrency exchanges were in hot water as a result of dubious activity. And while they have ceased to operate as businesses, their effects are still visible to investors and other platforms. One of the most noteworthy cases comes from South Korea and has Terraform Labs at its center. After the price of Luna, its related cryptocurrency, lost almost its whole value in May 2022, nearly $50 billion were wiped out. The event rattled the global crypto market, dissolving a massive amount of wealth in a single day. In the ensuing chaos, which was so massive that even those who have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies heard about it, Do Kwon, the one responsible for the creation of the blockchain platform, attempted to escape the accusations.

He was later apprehended in late March 2023, and South Korean prosecutors have managed to uncover more of his unlawful activities. The revelation is that a substantial amount of funds has been converted into other cryptocurrencies instead of physical assets through the unlawful use of overseas exchanges. Now, authorities have requested these platforms to immediately halt any withdrawal associated with Kwon’s name.

Among them, Binance, the largest exchange in the world, has released a statement confirming that they have assisted the Korean authorities as directed but that any further information cannot be released at the moment since the investigation is still ongoing.

Organizational incorporation 

Individual investors are not the only ones that are important for the crypto market, as a significant number of businesses and institutions have begun to understand the allure of the blockchain and cyber tokens. The Chinese government, well-known for its highly regulated approach towards crypto trading, appears to be more bullish in its investments than would have been previously thought. As such, a major state company has recently announced its plans to launch new crypto funds in Hong Kong.

CPIC Investment Management is a subsidiary of CPI, China Pacific Insurance, the second largest property insurance provider in mainland China. The institution is expected to incorporate token-based tools, which will have organizational as well as private investors, albeit the ones operating on a whale-like system, with a lot of capital at their disposal, as the target audience. 

Industry growth 

Japan has recently proposed a Web3 project set to improve the country’s developing industry sector. Although the rest of the world is looking for further ways to enforce regulations on crypto markets, Japan seeks to create a friendlier environment for investors. This move has arrived in the context of cryptocurrency businesses leaving due to significant tax burdens.

The developers in charge of the project have expressed the belief that the future of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies lies in mass adoption and the full entrance of digital tokens into the mainstream financial market. Large Japanese corporations have already shown interest in Web3 technology and its possibilities for business growth. The project will include regulatory frameworks for stablecoins backed by the Japanese yen, as well as the registration process and self-regulatory policies that will be set into motion.

The world of Bitcoin is constantly shifting and changing, yet investors remain interested and ready to tackle all the challenges that come along.

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