7 Treadmill Safety Tips to Run Safely

Treadmills may seem easy to work out with, but it is not. In fact, treadmills can sometimes be more dangerous than all the other equipment combined… not if you follow these safety tips.

1. Keep your head straight and look forward

If you are just starting on a treadmill, you will feel the urge to see your feet. Don’t do that. It’s the most common way people get themselves hurt.

This is because our body movements subconsciously follow our eyes. So, if you look sideways, you will be more likely to move your feet to the side and end up injuring yourself with the moving belt. Therefore, always keep your head up and look forward while running on the treadmill.

Further, place the treadmill in an open space to make running easy. Experts recommend leaving a minimum of 6 feet of free space at the back of the machine and 11/2 feet on each side for safety purposes.

Sometimes people feel a little dizzy after coming off the treadmill. If you also feel that, wait a few minutes and hold onto something before beginning the next exercise.

2. Schedule your treadmill time strategically

If you go to the gym, you know treadmills are always in demand. So, in case you decide to run on the treadmill during peak hours, it can cause stress. This is because, in the back of your mind, you are always wondering if you have to get off now. This might also result in an accident.

But you can avoid this by strategically scheduling your treadmill hour. Ask your staff to learn more about off-peak hours and use the treadmill at that time.

3. Avoid distractions while running

You might think there is nothing wrong with checking your messages, emails, notifications, etc., but it can cause serious injuries. This is because your brain gets distracted when you change your focus to something else in the middle of running. It results in losing balance and stability.

So, keep your phone away and always double-check your shoe laces, workout playlist, and earphone before running. If you are running at high speed, concentrate on your present activity.

Avoid using wired earphones on the treadmill because a little strangling can cause problems. However, if you don’t have any other option, clip the wire with your gym cloth and place your mobile in a secure place.

4. Use the safety clip

I mean, it’s there for a reason. So, it’s best to utilize the feature to ensure your safety.

The safety clip helps to immediately turn off the treadmill without human intervention if you fall. It also prevents the machine from pulling clothes under the running deck and causing further physical injury.

5. Know that the handrails are not your friend

It’s okay for a newbie to rely on the handrail to get used to the treadmill movement. But using it for the entire workout can put extra strain on your shoulders and elbows and can cause leg injuries. It also shows that the person is not compatible with that speed.

Further, holding the handrails decreases the number of burning calories because the core muscles don’t get enough engagement. So move the arms freely and quickly eliminate all the extra fats.

6. Set a realistic goal

Seeing other people in the gym weight training or running at high speed on the treadmill can make you feel overwhelmed. This can take a toll on your brain, and you may think that you should also do that.

But let me tell you, they start their journey with those heavy weights. They started small like everyone else and then slowly built resistance and muscle power.

So, don’t set an unexpected goal for yourself. Start by walking and then move to jog. When you feel comfortable with the speed, only then begin running.

7. Utilize the incline feature effectively

The incline feature on the treadmill or incline treadmills is great for losing weight. But if you don’t use it effectively, you will end up slipping. So either keep the speed high and incline low or keep the incline high and speed low while running.

Over to you…

Now that you know all the tips make sure to follow them all while on your treadmill. If you are a newbie, it’s best to practice under an expert for safety purposes.

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